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Miserable addicts love company


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Posted: Monday, May 9, 2011 1:00 pm

Alcohol abuse starts in the home. When parents are alcoholics, they teach their children the trade, although it doesn’t help them through life.

A lot of parents would rather support their child’s addiction than to help them overcome it, as one lady said that had been supporting her son’s addiction for 12 years.

When her son got the chance to straighten out his life, she wouldn’t support him because it would take up too much of her time. She said it’s easier to just give him the money.

What a sad vision of a mother, but she, herself, was addicted to him being addicted, and if she didn’t have that she would feel worthless.

A lot of people don’t think this kind of thing could be possible, but it happens every day as the alcoholics and drug addicts pass on their addictions.

Many people who have seen it will agree that the parents don’t care and want to throw the attention somewhere else. In other words, throw the blame where it doesn’t belong.

They will focus on other things that are attainable because they don’t want to take on something as hard as alcohol or drug abuse.

To you parents who feed your children’s addiction, I say to you that you are a piece of work.