KEARNEY — What was once a video and electronics business has expanded into selling home appliances and furniture.

VK Electronics, which was once known as Video Kingdom, expanded its product line three weeks ago when it took over the Garrett Appliances space at 18 W. 25th St. in Kearney. It moved from its longtime location at 3915 Second Ave.

The new store shares some retail space with Garrett Tires & Treads, which continues to serve customers in its original location.

VK Electronics owner Geoff Roenfeldt said taking over Garrett Appliances was an opportunity to expand and diversify his product line. As in the old store, Roenfeldt continues to sell electronics for cars, TVs, beds and grills. He has added appliances to the mix, which includes refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, stoves, dishwashers and microwaves.

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“You know with online stuff you got to be able to carry more than just electronics anymore to be able to stay alive in today’s market,” Roenfeldt said.

The Kearney Video Kingdom, which was started by Dan Milton in 1983, sold and rented videos and sold home electronics. Milton later added car electronics and installations to the mix, according to Roenfeldt.

Roenfeldt began working for Milton as a teenager in 1998 installing car systems. He remembered renting VHS, Beta and DVD videos to customers, but said that business ended in about 2005.

Roenfeldt, who bought the business from Milton five years ago, began selling grills about four years ago and he added mattress sales earlier this year.

Throughout the years, the retail store’s name has changed a bit as the business evolved.

“It was Video Kingdom, then Video Kingdom Electronics and now it’s more VK Electronics to get away from the video part of it,” Roenfeldt said.

The latest change in Roenfeldt’s business has provided him more space. Now, his showroom and warehouse with a car install bay is nearly 15,000 square feet in total. The previous store and nearby car install bay were a total of 4,000 square feet.

Overall, Roenfeldt said he’s happy about the move.

“I’ve always wanted to expand into more. This was my opportunity to do it,” he said.


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