Daniel Christian

Daniel Christian will perform a concert of personal music, “Songs & Stories of Faith,” at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 15 at Minden Opera House. “It’s a very personal show but it’s a lot of fun to share these songs and ideas with people who come and listen,” Christian said. Tickets are $16.

MINDEN — Daniel Christian wants to share his personal songs about his faith.

“I’ve done this show in a lot of different churches, in a lot of different denominations, and I’ve never had anybody challenge me too much on theological matters,” he said from his home in Tecumseh, about 50 miles south of Lincoln. “As a songwriter I present an egocentric program. This is just one guy’s thoughts and views.”

Presenting his view of faith from a personal perspective allows Christian to share his beliefs and spiritual values with an audience through music.

“When I present it from a very personal perspective, it’s hard for someone to argue about doctrine,” he said. “There isn’t any doctrine. It’s just something that happens in me and here’s what the Bible has to say about it and here’s a song I wrote about it and I hope you like it.”

Christian will bring his five-piece band to central Nebraska for a 7:30 p.m. show, “Songs & Stories of Faith,” at the Minden Opera House on Nov. 15. Minden resident Bailey Rogers will open the performance.

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Tickets are $16.

Christian blends pop/rock sensibilities with country/folk roots.

“For me, music has been a part of my life, a thread going back through my entire life,” he said. “My dad played music when I was a kid. That’s how we made a living for the family. I grew up around instruments and I grew up around a variety of song styles. Back in those days it seemed that there was a street dance or a wedding every weekend that was open to the public. We don’t see a lot of live bands playing those kinds of events anymore.”

Growing up in that world, Christian, now 40, leaned toward music as a way to communicate his feelings.

“Music is the natural form of expression for me,” he said. “And it’s enjoyable to try and craft a song. There’s a little bit of a puzzle to it; there’s an artistic expression to it. So I enjoy that process. And enough people also enjoy the result of it that we can sell a few tickets and share our ideas with other people.”

At the concert, Christian plans to present some Scripture and testimony in addition to the music.

“A lot of the songs come from an album called, ‘Speak,’ which we recorded in Nashville a few years ago,” he said. “It’s a very personal show but it’s a lot of fun to share these songs and ideas with people who come and listen. It’s a fun show to do and it’s gratifying to visit with people afterwards and hear how it resonated with them.”

As for his audience, Christian makes it clear that “Songs & Stories of Faith” deals with spiritual matters.

“There are a lot of people who have seen the show who do not identify as believers,” he said. “I always like to talk with them about it, too. I know a lot of people who can still find something in the music. So this is a show for anyone, but I would hate to mislead anyone and tell them its a secular program when it’s not.”

“Songs & Stories of Faith” contains elements of a worship service but Christian keeps coming back to the personal aspect of the concert.

“Hopefully people will find it worshipful but it’s not a church service,” he said. “It’s a songwriter, who has written about a lot of things, bringing specifically a focused program about faith.”


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