Adam Devine is big in Hollywood, but he still loves his hometown.

The star of "Jexi," a new comedy that came to theaters last week, Devine was raised in Omaha. He bleeds Husker red. He filmed his latest comedy special in Omaha, and he recently spoke to patients at Omaha's Children's Hospital, where he was once a patient.

And in a new video for "Vanity Fair," the actor and comedian shows off his Nebraska side.

He talked about Aksarben, corn detasseling, the farmer wave, Runza, puppy chow, Warren Buffett and, of course, Blackshirts and the Huskers.

"Go Big Red, baby!" Devine shouts. "Our football team ... probably are going to be national champs within the next 15 to 20 years."

One curious addition to his list of Nebraska slang: "Buggy" as a word for a grocery shopping cart. 

"That's what we call them in Nebraska," he says. 

It might be used but not by everyone in the state and certainly not on the level of his other mentions. 

Devine is one of the stars and co-creators of the Comedy Central series "Workaholics" as well as "The Neighbors," "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates," and "When We First Met."

In "Jexi," Devine plays a man addicted to his phone who uses his phone's virtual assistant, Jexi. The phone's artificial intelligence eventually tries to take over his life.

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