Kearney, Nebraska

December 17, 2019


With the absence of a minister,

the Council held a moment of si-

lence. Two Boy Scouts from Troop

158 and one Girl Scout from Troop

610 led the Council Members and

audience in the Pledge of Alle-

giance. Mayor Clouse announced

that in accordance with Section

84-1412 of the Nebraska Revised

Statutes, a current copy of the

Open Meetings Act is available for

review and is posted on the wall of

the Council Chambers. Stanley A.

Clouse, President of the Council,

called a regular meeting of the City

Council to order on December 17,

2019 at 5:30 p.m. with the following

Council Members responding to

roll call: Randy Buschkoetter,

Bruce Lear and Jonathan Nikkila.

Absent: Tami James Moore. City

Clerk recorded the minutes. Ad-

ministrative personnel were also

present. Notice of the meeting had

been given according to law.

Presentation of Colors by the

Kearney Volunteer Fire Department

Color Guard.

Presentation of Battle of Badges

Blood Drive Results by the Ameri-

can Red Cross.

Presentation of Firefighter Cer-

tificates of Training for completing

2019 Firefighter I Class and Kear-

ney Volunteer Fire Department

Service Awards.

There was no Unfinished Busi-


Public Hearings:

1. On December 10, 2019,

Council tabled Public Hearing 1

pertaining to the application sub-

mitted by Brad Vontz for Vontz

Paving, Inc. for Water’s View Inc., a

Nebraska Corporation for a Condi-

tional Use Permit to operate a sand

and gravel extraction pit on prop-

erty zoned District AG, Agricultural

District and described as part of

Government Lots 3 and 4, as part

of the Northwest Quarter of Section

11, Township 8 North, Range 15

West of the 6th P.M., Buffalo

County, Nebraska (South of 11th

Street and East of Imperial Avenue)

until the January 14, 2020 City

Council. Therefore, no action was


Consent Agenda:

By majority vote, Moore absent,

the following items were approved:

1. Minutes of Regular Meeting

held December 10, 2019.

2. C L A I M S

PS – Personnel Services

SMCS – Supplies, Materials &

Contractual Services

ER – Equipment Rental

CO – Capital Outlay

DS – Debt Service$352.42-smcs;

4Imprint-$549.59-smcs; AAA

Tarps-$466.71-smcs; Aces Gener-


Acushnet-$441.97-smcs; Adobe

-$29.99-smcs; Alert Shirt-

-$5,331.23-smcs; All Flag-$66-

1.93-smcs; All Makes Au-

to-$2,564.48-smcs; Ally B De-

sign-$235.00-smcs; Ama-

zon-$6,557.62-smcs,co; Ameri-

can-$1,924.42-smcs; American

Planning Assoc.-$533.00-smcs;

AmericInn-$101.73-smcs; Ander-

sen,B-$55.88-smcs; Any-$460.64-smcs; Ap-

ple Market-$18.53-smcs; Apple.c-

om-$0.99-smcs; Applied Tech--

$286.50-smcs; Aramark Uni-

form-$210.66-smcs; Ask Sup-

ply-$1,995.47-smcs; Assoc. Threat

Assessment-$800.00-smcs; Aurora

Coop-$728.00-smcs; Auto Val-


AWWA-$1,937.00-smcs; B & H

Photo-$1,449.87-co,; smcs; Baker

& Taylor-$3,243.67-smcs; Baum

Hydraulics -$116.41-smcs;

Bautista,B-$55.00-smcs; Bear

Frame -$291.97-smcs; Bevel Gard-

ner-$1,820.00-smcs; Big Rack

Shack-$3,415.00-smcs; Black-

stone Audio Books-$112.49-smcs;

Blue Sky-$57.00-smcs; Bluecross

Blueshield-$223,975.47-smcs; Bol-


Bosselman-$5,192.00-smcs; BPAD

Group-$750.00-smcs; Bravo Com-


Brownells-$79.23-smcs; Brungardt

Engineering-$45,150.60-co; Buffalo

Co. Treasurer-$97.98-smcs; Buf-

falo Outdoor Power-$499.54-smcs;

Buggy Bath Car Wash-$34.0-

0-smcs; Builders-$6,450.94-smcs;

Cabelas-$98.93-smcs; Can-


Carquest-$463.73-smcs; Cash Wa-

-$918.20-smcs; CBA Lighting


Cellebrite-$289.00-smcs; Cenex

-$79.61-smcs; Central Hydrau-

lic-$1,710.76-smcs; Central NE

Bobcat-$863.09-smcs; Cheaper

than Dirt-$2,682.90-smcs;


Chicken Coop-$50.00-smcs;

Cintas-$204.19-smcs; City of Ky-

-$14,657.52-smcs,ps; City Plumb-

ing-$362.86-smcs; Civic Plus--

$10,246.79-smcs; Coldspr-

ing-$738.15-smcs; Commercial

Recreation-$326.17-smcs; Consol-

idated Mgmt.-$798.97-smcs; Con-

struction Rental-$1,709.73-co,

smcs; Control Your-

s-$200.00-smcs; Copycat

-$6,153.80-smcs; Core & Main-$2,-

543.74-smcs; Cricut-$4.76-smcs;

Crown Products -$433.57-smcs;

Culligan-$221.50-smcs; Cummins

-$1,578.20-smcs; Cutter & Buck


Daktronics-$3,243.44-smcs; Danko

-$3,240.06-smcs; Daylight

Donuts-$129.69-smcs; Del Cit-

y-$438.26-smcs; Dell-$797.22-co;

Demco -$2,039.95-smcs; Dept of

Education-$329.00-ps; DHHS Li-

censure-$1,610.00-smcs; Dish--

$218.43-smcs; Dmilaco

-$325.50-smcs; Dollar-Gene-

ral-$18.62-smcs; Don's Hobby




Ecolab-$80.26-smcs; Eileen's

Cookies-$10.50-smcs; Electric

Pump-$1,709.66-smcs; Embassy

Suites-$3,236.52-smcs; EMC

Insurance-$8,656.99-smcs; En-

forcement Video-$65.00-smcs; En-

gineered Controls-$154.00-smcs;

Excal Visual -$270.75-smcs; Ex-



Facebook-$11.76-smcs; Fairfield

Inn -$339.62-smcs; Farmers Co-

op-$787.50-smcs; Fastenal

-$931.42-smcs; Fiddelke

-$599.65-smcs; First National

Bank-$135.00-smcs; Forms Fulfill-

ment -$790.35-smcs; Fron-

tier-$207.93-smcs; Full Source-

-$1,008.29-smcs; Fun Ex-

press-$684.61-smcs; Gale-


Galeton-$169.79-smcs; Gall-

s-$80.13-ps, smcs; Garrels,J--

$115.50-smcs; Garrett Tires

-$630.96-smcs; Glass Doc-

tor-$19.52-smcs; Goodwin Tucker

-$419.17-smcs; Graczyk Land-

scapes-$6,350.48-co; Graham

Tire-$1,176.00-smcs; Grain-

ger-$417.07-co, smcs; Grindstone


Groebner & Assoc.-$682.75-smcs;

Grossenbacher Bros-

.-$881.69-smcs; Hach

-$95.76-smcs; Hampton In-

n-$192.00-smcs; Heartland Motor

Sports-$67.21-smcs; Hobby Lob-

by-$448.76-smcs; Holmes Plumb-

ing-$150.09-smcs; Home De-

pot-$1,975.80-smcs; Hooker Bros-



om-$220.39-smcs; Humanities NE-

-$75.00-smcs; Hy-Vee-


IACP-$1,225.00-smcs; ICMA

-$6,821.69-ps; Idsecurityonline.c-

om-$532.39-co; Imperial Tex-

tile-$88.82-smcs; International So-

ciety-$125.00-smcs; In-$5.00-smcs;

IRS-$167,360.07-ps; Jack

Lederman-$320.93-smcs; Jimmy

Johns-$139.00-smcs; Johnstone

Supply-$440.67-smcs; Ky Ace

-$628.57-smcs; Ky Animal Shel-

ter-$11,000.00-smcs; Ky Catho-

lic-$897.74-smcs; Ky Con-

crete-$1,001.52-smcs; Ky Hub-

-$1,607.07-smcs; Ky Quality Sew--

$32.98-smcs; Ky Towing

-$200.00-smcs; Ky Ware-

house-$738.97-smcs; Ky

Winlectric-$7,638.21-co, smcs;

Kelly Supply-$1,411.98-smcs; Kim-

ball Midwest -$311.85-smcs;

Kociemba,T-$39.86-smcs; Konica

Minolta-$388.18-smcs; L S and

Sons-$458.89-smcs; Landmark Im-

plement-$1,655.07-smcs; Lands

End-$40.06-smcs; Lawson Prod-

ucts-$693.48-smcs; LCL Truck

-$970.33-smcs; Lerner Publica-

tions-$167.96-smcs; LIPS-

-$58.39-smcs; Longleaf Servic-

es-$183.69-smcs; Mac Fau-

cets-$325.27-smcs; Mapes,J--

$30.82-smcs; Markley,J--

$8.98-smcs; Marriott

-$1,029.71-smcs; Masco Elec-

tric-$122.43-smcs; Masek Golf

Car-$7.88-smcs; Masters True Val-


Matheson-$89.71-smcs; Medica-


Menards-$5,636.47-co, smcs; Mi-

chaels-$96.77-smcs; Micro-

soft-$212.94-co; Mid-NE Garage

Doors-$720.00-smcs; Midwest

Connect-$147.35-smcs; Midwest

Turf -$2,901.36-smcs; Miller

Signs-$161.00-smcs; Moonlight

Embroidery-$4,534.15-smcs; Mu-

nicipal Emergency-$574.01-ps,

smcs; Municipal Sup-


Natl Fire Protect

Assn.-$1,575.00-smcs; NCL of

Wisconsin-$387.08-smcs; NE Child

Support-$2,287.35-ps; NE Dept.


tal-$327,016.72-smcs,ds; NE Li-

brary Assn.-$60.00-smcs; NE Ma-

chinery-$1,715.68-smcs; NE Park

Rec-$920.00-smcs; NE Safe-

ty-$370.00-smcs; NE State Fire

Marshal-$120.00-smcs; NE Truck


NEChapterIn-$155.00-smcs; Nivel

Parts -$90.53-smcs;

NMC-$3,093.36-smcs; North-$552.70-smcs;

Northwestern Ener-

gy-$3,978.55-smcs; Oak Creek En-


OCLC-$764.46-smcs; Office De-

pot-$1,095.12-smcs; Of-

ficemax-$2,243.48-smcs; Of-

ficenet-$364.78-smcs; Old Na-

vy-$191.40-smcs; Olsson

-$6,270.00-co; O'Reilly Au-


Orscheln-$815.42-smcs; OTC

Brands -$296.94-smcs; Paramount

-$36.00-smcs; Pep Co.

-$87.34-smcs; Pet Pick-Ups-$6-

48.92-smcs; Pick-

leballcentral-$91.45-smcs; Ping-

-$124.20-smcs; Pioneer

Mfg.-$302.50-smcs; Pitney

Bowes-$60.00-smcs; Platte Valley

Auto-$473.43-smcs; Platte Valley


Postermywall-$61.86-smcs; Pot O

Gold-$230.00-smcs; Presto-X

-$105.00-smcs; Priority

Mgmt.-$82.50-smcs; Probasc-


Prodryers-$810.00-smcs; Quill

-$588.13-smcs; Radisson

Hotels-$898.14-smcs; Rally

Point-$498.00-smcs; RDJ Special-

ties-$691.07-smcs; Ready Mixed


Reams-$661.54-smcs; Recorded

Books-$395.86-smcs; Recovery

Systems-$3,321.83-smcs; Red


Redbox-$3.74-smcs; Redman's

Shoes-$978.79-smcs; Reserva-$19.99-smcs; Re-

verseosmosis-$41.64-smcs; Rose-

berry,D-$32.40-smcs; Rylind Man-

ufacturing-$592.00-smcs; S&S

Worldwide-$124.80-smcs; S&B

Heating-$170.00-smcs; S&J Con-

struction-$30,601.72-co; Safety

Products-$57.92-smcs; Sahling

Kenworth-$95.40-smcs; Sandry

Fire-$2,359.73-smcs; Sapp Broth-

ers-$18,984.26-smcs; Schindler El-

evator-$1,005.00-smcs; School

District 7-$4,307.65-smcs; Schu-

macher Bros.-$712.00-smcs; See

Clear Cleaning-$1,700.00-smcs;

Sequel Bookshop-$52.00-smcs;

Sherwin Industries-$453.01-smcs;

Shopper, the-$1,889.54-smcs;

Show Me Cables-$61.13-smcs;

Shredding Solutions-$99.90-smcs;

Siteone Landscape

-$3,019.18-smcs; Smartdraw Soft-

ware-$178.35-smcs; Snap-on

Tools-$50.00-smcs; Sonshine Ven-

tures-$5,316.00-smcs; Spangler

Candy-$127.20-smcs; Spec-

trum-$1,059.60-smcs; State Mo-

tor-$209.46-smcs; Steinbrink's


Stutsman-$1,098.00-smcs; Super

Shine -$101.87-smcs; Sup-$1,781.48-smcs;


Teledyne-$1,657.29-smcs; Teleste-


Tielke's Sandwiches-$45.55-smcs;

Titan Machinery-$1,399.68-smcs;

Tomlinson,N-$232.03-smcs; Trac-

tor-Supply-$1,175.18-smcs; Traffic


Trampe,M-$29.92-smcs; Transun-

ion-$115.00-smcs; Triple Crown

Products-$2,819.24-smcs; Trophy

Depot-$214.80-smcs; TVH Parts

-$193.15-smcs; Tyler Technolo-

gies-$875.00-smcs; Uber

-$118.94-smcs; Uline

-$379.96-smcs; Union Bank-$86-

,649.42-ps; Unique

Mgmt.-$366.95-smcs; UN-

O-$616.00-smcs; UPS

-$545.23-smcs; USA Blue

Book-$2,004.01-smcs; USA Com-


USPS-$590.01-smcs; Van Wall

-$242.89-smcs; Vermont Sys-

tems-$4,470.00-smcs; Video King-




Walmart-$2,004.72-co, smcs; Wal-

ters-Morgan Const.-

-$320,862.12-smcs; Webstaurant

Store-$680.62-smcs; Wells Far-

go-$1,675.00-smcs; Wilco

Life-$10.00-ps; Winchester Trim

-$140.60-smcs; Winter Equip-

ment-$1,779.78-smcs; Workboots


WPCI-$476.50-ps; Zoro Tool-

s-$370.77-smcs; Payroll Ending

12/7/2019 -- $496,402.99. The

foregoing schedule of claims is

published in accordance with Sec-

tion 19-1102 of the Revised Stat-

utes of Nebraska, and is published

at an expense of $107.60 to the

City of Kearney.

3. Receive recommendations of

Planning Commission and set Jan-

uary 14, 2020 at 5:30 p.m. as date

and time for hearing on those appli-

cations where applicable.

4. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-215 approving the Developer

Constructed Infrastructure Agree-

ment for Park View Estates Ninth

between the City of Kearney and

Kelly J. Rapp and Darlene L.

Stern-Rapp, as husband and wife,

for the construction of paving,

water main, sanitary sewer main

and storm sewer for Park View Es-

tates Ninth, an addition to the City

of Kearney, Buffalo County, Ne-


5. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-216 setting the interest rate,

providing equal annual install-

ments, providing the interest rate

for delinquent installments for spe-

cial assessments for 2020 with re-

gard to the creation of paving,

water and sanitary sewer districts;

and to establish a policy on reim-

bursing developers for infrastruc-

ture costs for Developer Con-

structed Infrastructure Agreements.

6. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-217 authorizing the City Man-

ager to sign the revised Operating

Agreement and Ground Lease with

the University of Nebraska at Kear-

ney and Kearney University Village

Facility Development Corporation

for construction and operation of a

community tennis complex.

7. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-218 approving Change Order

No. 1 showing an increase in the

amount of $68,012.00 and estab-

lishing a new substantial comple-

tion date of June 5, 2020 to allow

for a winter shutdown and Applica-

tion and Certificate for Payment

No. 3 in the amount of $543,549.60

submitted by Blessing Construc-

tion and approved by Miller & As-

sociates for 2019 Part 2 Improve-

ments for the construction of Pa-

triot Industrial Park consisting of

Paving Improvement District No.


8. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-219 approving Change Order

No. 1 showing a decrease in the

amount of $18,925.50, Application

and Certificate for Payment No.

1-Final in the amount of

$119,948.00, and accept the Certif-

icate of Substantial Completion

submitted by Midlands Contract-

ing, Inc. and approved by Miller &

Associates for the Kearney South

Drainage – Lake Overflow Improve-


9. Approve the Plans and

Specifications for the 2020 Side-

walk ADA Improvements (also

known as Community Development

Block Grant funded Sidewalk Re-

placement Project; Phase 2) for the

project area of 2nd Avenue to 5th

Avenue and 16th Street to 22nd

Street and set the bid opening date

for January 22, 2020 at 2:00 p.m.

10. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-220 approving Change Order

No. 3 showing an increase in the

amount of $1,735.20 and Applica-

tion and Certificate for Payment

No. 1 in the amount of $87,239.83

to RMV Construction and approved

by Miller & Associates for the 2019

Park and Recreation Parking Lot

Improvements at Cottonmill Park-

ing at Swim Lake and Fountain

Hills Park.

11. Reject the bids received for

the Harmon Park Pool Slide Re-

placement received December 10,


12. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-221 approving the Use and

Operations Agreement for Annex A

in Hangar T-926 located at the

Kearney Regional Airport between

the City of Kearney and Apollo Med


13. Authorize the Mayor to sign

the Corrective Quitclaim Deed from

the City of Kearney, Nebraska, a

Municipal Corporation to Ace Irri-

gation and Manufacturing Com-

pany, a Nebraska Corporation, to

assist in correcting the legal de-

scription originally granted on May

28, 2013 for the benefit of Ace Irri-

gation and Manufacturing Com-


Consent Agenda Ordinances:


Regular Agenda:

1. By a 3 to 0 vote, Clouse ab-

staining, Moore absent, granted

permission to pay the Open Ac-

count Claim in the amount of

$89,383.48 to Nebraska Public

Power District.

By majority vote, Moore absent,

Council adjourned at 5:50 p.m.







A complete text of the Minutes,

Resolutions and Ordinances are on

file in the Office of the City Clerk

and are available for public inspec-

tion during regular business hours.

ZNEZ D28,t1



Notice is hereby given that there

will be nominated at the May 12,

2020, primary election, and elected

at the November 3, 2020, general

election, for a term of 6 years, one

member of the board of directors of

Nebraska Public Power District to

represent each of the following


Subdivision No. 1 - comprises

the following areas. Incumbent di-

rector is Mary A. Harding.

Cass County - includes the mu-

nicipalities of Murray, Nehawka,

Plattsmouth, and Union, and the

voting precincts of North Platts-

mouth and South Plattsmouth; the

balance of the county is excluded

Lancaster County - the entire

county is included, except the mu-

nicipalities of Bennet, Lincoln, and


Saunders County - includes the

municipalities of Malmo, Prague,

Valparaiso, Wahoo, and Weston,

and the voting precincts of Center,

Malmo, Prague, Valparaiso, and

Weston; the balance of the county

is excluded

Seward County - the entire

county is included

Subdivision No. 2 - comprises

the following areas. Incumbent di-

rector is Barry D. DeKay.

Boone County - the entire county

is included

Boyd County - the entire county

is included except the municipality

of Spencer

Cedar County - the entire county

is included

Garfield County - the entire

county is included except the mu-

nicipality of Burwell

Greeley County - the entire

county is included

Holt County - the entire county is

included except the municipality of


Howard County - the entire

county is included

Keya Paha County - the entire

county is included

Knox County - the entire county

is included

Sherman County - the entire

county is included

Valley County - the entire county

is included

Wheeler County - the entire

county is included

Subdivision No. 7 - comprises

the following areas. Incumbent di-

rector is Ken Kunze.

Adams County - the entire county

is included except the municipali-

ties of Hastings and Juniata

Clay County - the entire county is


Hamilton County - the entire

county is included

Merrick County - the entire

county is included

Nance County - the entire county

is included

Polk County - the entire county is


York County - the entire county is


Subdivision No. 9 - comprises

the following areas. Incumbent di-

rector is Jerry L. Chlopek.

Butler County - the entire county

is included

Colfax County - includes the mu-

nicipalities of Clarkson, Howells,

Leigh, Richland, and Schuyler, and

voting precincts 2, 3, 4, and 5; vot-

ing precinct 1 is included to the ex-

tent it lies within the City of Schuy-

ler; the balance of the county is ex-


Dodge County - includes the mu-

nicipalities of Dodge, Scribner,

Snyder, and Uehling, and the vot-

ing precincts of Cuming-Everett,

Logan-Hooper, Maple-Nickerson,

Pebble, Ridgley-Union-Co-

tterell-Pleasant Valley, and Web-

ster; the municipalities of Fremont,

Hooper, Nickerson, North Bend,

and Winslow, and all other voting

precincts in the balance of the

county are excluded

Platte County - the entire county

is included

The deadline for candidates to

file is February 18, 2020, for incum-

bents and March 2, 2020, for

non-office holders.



ZNEZ D28,t1





Notice is hereby given that Ra-

venna Public Schools is soliciting

bids for the High School Athletic

Lockers Improvement Project.

Scope of work includes but is not

limited to the installation of high

school athletic lockers. Sealed

proposals will be received for the

project at the office of Ravenna

High School-Attention: Ken

Schroeder-PO Box 8400-41750

Carthage Rd-Ravenna, NE 68869.

Bid specification are available by

contacting Superintendent

Schroeder. Bids are due on or be-

fore February 7, 2020 at 2:00 P.M.

CST for the furnishing of all labor,

materials, equipment, and services

for the Project. Bids will be opened

publicly and read aloud at that

time. Site observations prior to

bidding, shall be coordinated and

scheduled with the school by con-

tacting Superintendent Ken

Schroeder at 308-470-0502 or at


ZNEZ D28,t1






Notice is hereby given that Cen-

tura Public Schools is soliciting

bids for the Mechanical Upgrades

Project. Scope of work includes

but is not limited to the following:

The removal of the existing 2-pipe

hot/chilled water piping and asso-

ciated hydronic accessories inside

the existing mechanical room. Re-

locate the domestic hot water sys-

tem and install new water heater

and mixing valve. Install new hot

and chilled water piping inside the

existing mechanical room, new hot

and chilled water pumps, new hy-

dronic accessories, and associated

temperature controls. Bid docu-

ments and plans are available elec-

tronically through: Engineering

Technologies, Inc. of Lincoln, NE,

on December 31, 2019. Bids are

due on or before 3:00 p.m. local

time, January 23, 2020, at the Cen-

tura Public School Superintend-

ent's Office at Centura Public

Schools, 201 N State Hwy 11,

Cairo, Nebraska 68824. Bids will

be opened publicly and read aloud

at that time. Bid Security will be re-

quired for this Bid. Cashier's

checks or certified checks will not

fulfill this requirement. A pre-bid

meeting for the project will be held

at Centura Public Schools, 201 N

State Hwy 11, Cairo, Nebraska

68824, on January 9, 2020, at 3:00

p.m. local time. Attendance by all

prime bidders is advised. Contact

Lisa Lewis or Bryan Rahn (Enginee-

ring Technologies Inc.) at

402-476-1273 for bidding docu-