Village of Miller

Board of Trustees

January 10, 2019


Acting Chairman Terry Hansen

called regular monthly meeting to

order at 7:00 pm. in the Miller Com-

munity Hall with trustees Ray

Shields, Rick Bowie, John Holmes

present. The acting chairman ac-

knowledged the open meeting

laws, which are posted in the com-

munity hall. The minutes of the De-

cember meeting were read. Shields

made the motion to approve the

minutes, seconded by Holmes roll

call vote was 4 to 0, motion

passed. Motion by to pay the

claims totaling $7522.45 by

Shields, seconded by Holmes Roll

call Motion passed 4 to 0. Claims

Frontier $173.85 phone, Buffalo

County $145, law enforcement,

DHHS $38, test, Terry Hansen, Ray

Shields, Ross Karabel, Rick Bowie

$45 each board pay, Glen Nichols

$637.22, wages, Amy Graham

$586.66, wages, Marybelle Burge

$179.17, wages, Dawson Power

$1175.16, electricity, Prairie Hills

$50, internet, NE Dept. of Revenue

$155.02, sales tax, IRS 4th qt taxes

$888.53, Dan Jacobson $3116.64,

water operator, Dan's Sanitation

$324, trash. Motion to appoint Ray

Shields as Chairman by Hansen,

seconded by Holmes, Roll call

Hansen, Holmes yes, Shields ab-

stain, Bowie, nay. Motion passed

2-1. Motion to accept applications

for the open position on the Village

Board by Hansen, seconded by

Holmes, Roll call 3-1, Bowie nay.

Open Forum. Motion to adjourn by

Hansen, seconded by Holmes roll

call 4 to 0, motion passed. Meet-

ing adjourned 7:30.

The Village of Miller is now ac-

cepting applications through Feb-

ruary 7th for position of trustee for

The Village Board. Any person may

be a trustee who is a citizen of the

United States, resides in the Village

of Miller, and is a registered voter.

Send resumes to Village of Miller

PO Box 146 Miller NE 68858, or

drop in the slot at the Community


ZNEZ J21,t1


Meeting Proceedings

Kearney Public Schools

Board of Education

Regular Meeting

Monday, January 14, 2019

5:30 P.M.

Cope Presentation Room

Sunrise Middle School

4611 Ave. N

Kearney, NE 68847


At its January 14, 2019 regular

meeting, the Kearney Public

Schools Board of Education took

the following action:

1. Administered the Oath of Of-

fice to new Board members,

Wendy Kreis and Drew Blessing

2. Excused Board Member Kathy

Gifford from the meeting

3. Elected Alex Straatmann as

President of the Board of Educa-

tion for 2019

4. Elected Kathy Gifford as Vice

President of the Board of Educa-

tion for 2019

5. Elected Jon Watts as Secre-

tary of the Board of Education for


6. Heard a report from Kent

Cordes of BD Construction on

progress being made on the North-

east Elementary School construc-

tion and renovation project; and

recognized the donations of BD

Construction and Mike Christ, and

the following subcontractors, on

the KHS Transition Program facility:

Kucera Painting, Rob Wilson, Wag-

goner Plumbing, Geiser Construc-

tion, T-C Ceilings, Johnson Hard-

ware, and Walters Electric

7. Announced that the week of

January 27-February 2, 2019 has

been designated Nebraska "School

Board Member Week", and

thanked the Board of Education

members for their dedication and


8. Approved the minutes of the

December 10, 2018 regular Board

of Education meeting, as presented

9. Approved the January, 2019

claims, as presented

10. Approved the January, 2019

financial reports, as presented

11. Approved the following check

signing authority in the Kearney

Public Schools for 2019 for Ne-

braskaland Bank- President and

Secretary of the Board of Educa-

tion, Mr. Chris Nelson and Mrs.

Meagan Kershner

12. Accepted the resignations of:

Stephanie Bleil, 6th grade teacher

at Sunrise Middle School; Dr. Carol

Renner, Director of Student Ser-

vices; Katie Mathews, Park Ele-

mentary School Principal; Lisa

Wilke-Tonniges, physical education

teacher at Horizon Middle School;

Dale Greenwald, 7th grade science

teacher at Sunrise Middle School;

and John Bonk, 5th grade teacher

at Bryant Elementary School; with

regret, effective the end of the

2018-2019 school year.

13. Approved a three-year con-

tract of employment for Dr. Kent

Edwards, Superintendent of

Schools, for a period beginning

July 1, 2019; and authorized the

Board President to execute said

contract on behalf of the School


14. Appointed Drew Blessing,

Jon Watts, and Alex Straatmann to

the Board Finance Committee; and

appointed Wendy Kreis, Angie

Nickel, and Kathy Gifford to the

Board Personnel/Curriculum -

"Americanism" Committee; for


15. Tabled the appointment of a

Board of Education member to the

NSBA Advocacy Institute for 2019,

until the February meeting

16. Gave first reading approval to

revised Internal Board Policy

9230.1 (Standing Committees), as

presented, to allow for an addi-

tional Board standing committee

exclusively for negotiations.

17. Approved the 2019-2020

School Calendar for the Kearney

Public Schools, as presented

18. Adjourned the meeting

The next regular meeting of the

Kearney Public Schools Board of

Education will be held on Monday,

February 11, 2019 at 5:30 P.M. in

the Cope Presentation Room at

Sunrise Middle School, 4611 Ave.

N, Kearney, NE 68847.

ZNEZ J21,t1






Case Number CI 19-8


Nicole Alison Johannsen.

Notice is hereby given that on the

4 day of January, 2019, a petition

was filed in the District Court of

Buffalo County, Nebraska, the ob-

ject and prayer of which is for the

change of the petitioner's name

from Nicole Alison Johannsen to

Nicole Alison Malzacher.

A hearing will be had on said pe-

tition before the Honorable John

Marsh, in Courtroom no. 1, 1512

Central Ave., Kearney on the 12

day of February, 2019 at 1:30 p.m.,

or as soon thereafter as will be

convenient for the court and that

unless sufficient cause is shown to

the contrary, the petitioner's name

will be changed from that of Nicole

Alison Johannsen, to Nicole Alison


Nicole Alison Johannsen,


7790 W. 70th St.

Kearney, NE 68845

ZNEZ J21,28,F4,11



You are hereby notified that

Ross, Schroeder & George, LLC, a

limited liability company, has filed a

Complaint in the County Court of

Buffalo County, Nebraska, Case

No. CI 18-2241, in which it seeks to

obtain judgment against you for an

account owed to the Plaintiff in the

amount of $5,587.81, together with

interest and costs as provided by

law, and any other relief deemed

just and equitable by this Court,

plus publication costs. You are fur-

ther notified that you will be con-

sidered to be in default and the

court will proceed accordingly to

enter judgment against you on or

after March 7, 2019, unless an ap-

propriate written response is filed

with the Buffalo County Court on or

before March 7, 2019. Defendant's

last known address is 609 S. Prai-

rie Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Da-

kota 57104.



a Nebraska Limited Liability



BY Luke M. Simpson,

Its Attorneys



220 West 15th - Box 1685

Kearney, NE 68848


ZNEZ J21,28,F4


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