REQUEST DATE: July 9, 2019


July 30, 2019

CLOSING DATE: August 8, 2019


Tom Smrdel

Fluvial Geomorphologist

Headwaters Corporation

Office: (970) 775-3355

The Governance Committee of

the Platte River Recovery Imple-

mentation Program submits this

IFB to solicit bids from contractors

for excavation and placement of

41,900 CY of alluvial material from

a floodplain terrace into a river

channel near Lexington, NE.

P19-008: 2019 Sediment

Augmentation Project


For complete copies of this IFB,

please visit:





ZNEZ Jy12,13



Public notice is hereby given that

the Village of Elm Creek, Nebraska

invites sealed bids for furnishing

necessary equipment, labor, mate-

rials and incidentals to complete

Sunrise Street Improvements -

Bid A, Water/Sewer. Sealed bids

will be received by the Village

Clerk, 535 W Boyd Avenue, Elm

Creek, NE 68836 until 2:00 pm lo-

cal time on July 24, 2019. Sealed

bids will then be publicly opened

and read aloud.

Scope of Work: Project includes

construction of approx. 550 ft of 8"

sanitary sewer, 520 ft. of 6" water

main, seeding and associated


Bids shall be submitted to: Mrs.

Wendy Clabaugh, Village Clerk,

P.O. Box 130, 535 W Boyd Avenue,

Elm Creek, NE 68836.

Bids shall include: Bid Bond in

the amount of 5% of the total base

bid. Certified check, cashier's

check or bid bond made payable to


Selected bidder shall supply:

Performance Bond and Payment

Bond in the amount of 100% of the

total base bid.

Questions shall be directed to:

Mr. Lance Harter, Street Superin-

tendent, (308) 455-1152

Considerations: Contract docu-

ments can be obtained by contact-

ing Oak Creek Engineering, (308)

455-1152. Contract documents

must be purchased in hard copy,

requiring a nonrefundable fee of

$40.00. Bids shall be submitted on

furnished forms, sealed and

marked with bidder contact infor-

mation. Alternatives are not being

considered. Owner reserves the

right to reject any or all bids, hold

bids for 30 days and select most

beneficial bid.

Wendy Clabaugh, Village Clerk

ZNEZ Jy6,13,20


Buffalo County, Nebraska



Bruce L. Hahn, a single person,

State of Nebraska Acting

Through the Nebraska Depart-

ment of Revenue, Royle Irriga-

tion, L.L.C., a Nebraska Limited

Liability Company, Jane and

John Doe, Real and True Names

Unknown, and any and all per-

sons claiming any right, title or

interest to:


Notice is hereby given that by vir-

tue of an order of sale issued by

Sharon Mauler, Clerk of the Buffalo

County District Court, in an action

where in Buffalo County, Nebraska

is Plaintiff and Bruce L. Hahn, et al,

the Defendants, Case CI18-611,

the following-described real estate:

A: Lots 1, 2 and 3, Block 11,

Village of Pleasanton,

Buffalo County Nebraska, AND

B: Lot 8, Lund's Addition to

Village of Pleasanton,

Buffalo County, Nebraska


will be offered for sale to the

highest bidders for cash subject to

prior encumbrances. The two par-

cels will be sold separately.

Said sale to be held at 9:00 o'cl-

ock a.m. on the 8th day of August

2019 at the Central Lobby of the

Courthouse, City of Kearney, Buf-

falo County, Nebraska.

Said sale to be held open

one-half hour. Certificate of credit

or proof of cash due at beginning

of sale for bid to be accepted. Pur-

chasers are required to pay 15% in

cash or certified funds to the Sher-

iff's Office no later than 4:00 p.m.

the day of the sale.

Dated this 8th day of July, 2019.

Neil A. Miller,

Buffalo County Sheriff

Theodore J. Huber, Sergeant

ZNEZ Jy13,20,27,Ag3