IN MAY 2019



24 Hour Tees / DripShip Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $267.00; 308

Decals Supplies $186.00; A Stitch

in Time Embroidery By Sheryl Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $26.00;

AAA The Auto Club Group Supplies

$42.78; Aaron Jameson Travel

$35.82; Abree Taillon Professional

Services $1,994.44; Adam Jame-

son Travel $22.95; Affordable

Plumbing Co Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $8,700.00; Alan Roesler

Professional Services $150.00;

Alan Roesler Professional Services

$115.00; Alexis Pennington Sup-

plies $50.74; Aleyah Jordan Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $41.04; Alison

Gaines Professional Services

$175.00; All Makes Auto Supply

Supplies $374.33; Almquist

Maltzahn Galawa Luth Professional

Services $733.50; Alpha Rehabilita-

tion Pupil Services $3,868.98;

Alyssa Clay Travel $62.72; Amanda

Kidder Professional Services

$220.00; Amazon Capital Services

Supplies $24,168.48; Amber

Swartz Supplies $74.00; American

Heart Association Miscellaneous

Expenditure $245.00; Amy Denny

Supplies $32.95; Amy Denny Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $56.00;

Amy Denny. Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $92.00; Amy Otto Travel

$55.16; Amy Otto Travel $63.74;

Amy Springer Travel $36.66; Amy

Springer Travel $33.81; Amy Wal-

ters Travel $81.03; Amy Walters

Travel $204.16; Anastasia Wagnitz

Miscellaneous Expenditure $9.86;

Andrew Scheneman Professional

Services $110.00; Angela J

Kratochvil Stava, MD Professional

Services $500.00; Ann Bauer Pro-

fessional Services $175.00; Apple

Inc Technology Related Hardware

$98.00; Apple Market Food

$132.84; Arianna Spellman Profes-

sional Services $150.00; Arnold

Motor Supply Tires and Parts

$37.49; Arrow Towing Inc Vehicle

Repair $700.00; Ashley Walker

Travel $6.24; Ashley Walker Travel

$23.72; Ashley Walker Travel

$6.58; Ashton Masek Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $157.75; ASPI So-

lutions Inc Supplies $54.00; As-

setGenie Inc Repairs & Mainte-

nance Services $799.75; Atlantic

Strings Miscellaneous Expenditure

$1,078.50; AUCA Chicago Lockbox

Uniforms $1,196.52; Awards Un-

limited Miscellaneous Expenditure

$10.41; Axmann Heating & Air Con-

ditioning Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $2,618.00; B2 Environmental

Inc Professional Services

$1,000.00; Bamford Inc Profes-

sional Services $1,325.00; Barr

Middle School Supplies $50.00;

Ben Dillon Professional Services

$150.00; BIC Corporation Supplies

$96.00; Big Apple Fun Center Sup-

plies $40.00; Big Apple Fun Center

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$399.97; Bimbo Bakeries USA

Food $4,765.73; Black Hills Energy

Natural Gas $506.58; Blaise Methe

Professional Services $25.00;

Blasting Impressions Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $765.00; Blick Art

Materials Supplies $181.89; Blick

Art Materials Il Supplies $535.01;

Bracker's Good Earth Clays Inc

Supplies $2,212.04; Brad Green

Professional Services $300.00;

Brad Green Professional Services

$150.00; Brad Green Professional

Services $150.00; Brandon Devall

Professional Services $125.00;

Brandon Warnke Miscellaneous

Expenditure $154.33; Brodart Co

Supplies $48.83; Brooke Caravan

Travel $19.60; Buffalo Outdoor

Power LLC Supplies $117.49;

Builders How To Warehouse Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure

$11,458.31; Bus Parts Warehouse

Tires and Parts $185.75; Business

World Prod Hastings Supplies

$60.37; Business World Prod Hast-

ings Miscellaneous Expenditure

$70.95; Bye Masonry Inc Miscella-

neous Expenditure $6,513.60; By-

ron Jensen Professional Services

$231.00; C & C Tours Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $40,000.00; C R

Toys Miscellaneous Expenditure

$98.92; Calculators Inc. Miscella-

neous Expenditure $1,613.53; Cali

Erickson Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $184.33; Cara Carranza Travel

$22.96; Carl Whitney Sand &

Gravel Snow Services $3,825.00;

Carquest Auto Parts Stores Tires

and Parts $621.06; Caryn

Saulsbury Supplies $139.70; Cash

Wa Distributing Supplies $884.89;

Cash Wa Distributing Food

$69,661.35; Cassidy Brand Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $97.71; CDW

Government Inc Supplies $15.14;

CDW Government Inc Technology

Related Hardware $297.00; CED/-

American Electric Supplies

$105.00; Central Hydraulic Syst &

Equip Supplies $25.00; Chad and

Hope Nielsen Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $20.65; Chad Lydiatt

Supplies $187.50; Charter Commu-

nications Supplies $26.39; Charter

Communications Other Communi-

cation $4,855.02; Charter Commu-

nications Other Communication

$13.20; Charter Communications

Miscellaneous Expenditure $7.92;

Chelsie Palu Travel $258.08; Chel-

sie Palu Supplies $90.00; Ches-

terman Co. Food $4,619.65; Chris

Nelson Travel $221.69; Christine

Ehrmann Supplies $13.54; Christo-

pher Stelling Professional Services

$179.00; Christy Margritz Supplies

$37.75; Ciara Eichhorst Profes-

sional Services $100.00; Cidnee

Scholtes Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $28.43; Cindy Pawloski Travel

$35.33; City Of Kearney Miscella-

neous Expenditure $49.73; City Of

Kearney Fuel Dept. Vehicle Gaso-

line $8,505.28; City of Kearney

Park and Recreation Supplies

$90.00; City of Kearney School Re-

source Office Security Officer

$5,053.10; City of Kearney Wat-

er,Sanitn,Sewer Dept Garbage

$10,726.56; Clubs Choice Miscella-

neous Expenditure $9,129.32;

Coach Master's Inc Tires and Parts

$522.48; Columbus High School

Dues and Fees $115.00; Comfort

Inn & Suites (Grover) Miscellaneous

Expenditure $1,622.00; Comfy

Bowl Inc Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $225.00; Complete Weddings

& Events Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $295.00; Computer Informa-

tion Concepts Inc Technology Soft-

ware $8,386.00; Concrete Con-

tracting Miscellaneous Expenditure

$2,585.00; Connie Jelkin Travel

$61.31; Connor Garrison Profes-

sional Services $100.00; Construc-

tion Rental Kearney Rentals of

Equipment and Vehicles $119.30;

Copycat Printing Inc Supplies

$311.46; Cornhusker Cleaning

Supply. Supplies $63.34; Country

Inn & Suites Kearney Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $94.00; Country

Meats Supplies $89.00; Cozad

High School Dues and Fees

$100.00; Create Event & Design

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$1,500.00; Crystal Zimmerman

Travel $107.88; Culligan Of Kear-

ney Supplies $267.50; Culligan Of

Kearney Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $40.00; Cummins Central

Power LLC Vehicle Repair

$5,024.98; Custom Sports Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $637.00; Cyn-

thia Biggs Travel $20.65; Dan

Schmidt Professional Services

$195.00; Dan Schmidt Professional

Services $125.00; Dan Schmidt

Professional Services $125.00; Dan

Schumacher Supplies $4,400.00;

Dan's Sanitation Inc Garbage

$122.00; DAS State Accounting

Central Finance Purchased Service

Telephone $229.49; David Bauer

Professional Services $175.00; Da-

vid Choul Professional Services

$220.00; David Choul Professional

Services $30.00; Dawson Public

Power District Electricity $609.62;

Deb Baumgartner Travel $44.08;

Deb Stocker Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $25.00; Dell Marketing

LP Technology Software

$11,572.68; Demco Inc Audio Vis-

ual Materials $521.91; Desiree

John Travel $8.06; Desiree John

Travel $7.77; Desiree John Travel

$25.75; DHHS Division Of Public

Health School He Dues and Fees

$100.00; DHHS School Health Pro-

gram Travel $80.00; Diamond Vo-

gel Paint Center Supplies $285.16;

Dianne Mancus Professional Ser-

vices $4,550.00; Didax Inc Supplies

$119.41; Divas Floral Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $51.75; Divas Flo-

ral Miscellaneous Expenditure

$40.00; Divas Floral Miscellaneous

Expenditure $64.00; DK Classroom

Outlet Supplies $31.05; Duane

Bierman Professional Services

$175.00; Dulce Valdez Travel

$55.68; Eakes Office Solutions

Supplies $1,062.34; Eakes Office

Solutions Supplies $281.00; Eakes

Office Solutions Supplies $516.15;

Eakes Office Solutions Supplies

$104.50; Eakes Office Solutions

Supplies $665.68; Eakes Office So-

lutions Supplies $348.19; Eakes

Office Solutions Supplies $186.00;

Eakes Office Solutions Supplies

$32.39; Eakes Office Solutions Fur-

niture and Fixtures $89.99; Eakes

Office Solutions Supplies $114.63;

Eakes Office Solutions Supplies

$168.30; Eakes Office Solutions

Miscellaneous Expenditure $35.79;

Earl May Garden Center Supplies

$122.96; EBSCO Industries Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $473.91;

Ecolab Supplies $624.98; Ecolab

Food Safety Specialties Supplies

$203.46; Edgerton Education

Foundation Travel $280.00; Eileen's

Colossal Cookies Food $18.25; Ei-

leen's Colossal Cookies Miscella-

neous Expenditure $10.50; Elec-

tronic Systems Inc Professional

Services $1,523.00; Embassy

Suites Omaha LaVista Hotel Travel

$686.70; Embassy Suites Lincoln

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$1,059.00; Emily Campbell Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $90.48; Eric

Armin Inc Supplies $36.85; ESU 10

Sped Tuition/Agencies $5,891.01;

ESU 10 Miscellaneous Expenditure

$90.60; ESU 7 Travel $555.00; ESU

9 Supplies $209.00; ETA Hand 2

Mind Miscellaneous Expenditure

$39.64; Fastenal Company Sup-

plies $716.28; FBLA PBL Inc Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $122.00;

FCCLA/The Meeting Connection

Travel $1,077.00; Flaghouse Inc

Supplies $683.24; Follett School

Solutions Inc Library Referances

$2,236.24; Follett School Solutions

Inc Miscellaneous Expenditure

$141.12; Fremont High School

Dues and Fees $220.00; Frontier

Purchased Service Telephone

$1,791.75; Fun Express LLC Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $521.21;

Gail McInnis Productions, LLC Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $230.67;

Garrett Tires & Treads Vehicle Re-

pair $51.00; Geiser Construction

Building Acquitions and Improve-

ments $15,642.00; General Parts

LLC Supplies $97.56; Gopher NW

5634 Supplies $1,174.35; Gopher

Sport Textbooks Supplementals

$302.13; Gothenburg Public

Schools Professional Services

$150.00; Grand Island Sr High

School Dues and Fees $160.00;

Great Minds LLC Dues and Fees

$10,500.36; Gustave A Larson

Company Supplies $2,392.36; Hal-

lie Hagan Library Referances

$32.05; Hallie Hagan Library Re-

ferances $29.95; Hastings Museum

Travel $114.00; Hiland Dairy Foods

Food $18,253.43; Hilton Omaha

Travel $2,381.93; Hobart Sales &

Service E.F. Incorporated Repairs &

Maintenance Services $439.92;

Hobby Lobby Stores Inc Miscella-

neous Expenditure $806.95;

Hoehner Turf Irrigation Supplies

$169.44; Holdrege High School

Dues and Fees $80.00; Holiday Inn

Kearney Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $3,638.03; Holmes Plumbing &

Htg Supplies $894.36; Hometown

Leasing Rentals of Equipment and

Vehicles $9,343.89; Hope Schwartz

Professional Services $50.00; Hori-

zon Designs Inc Supplies $295.15;

Hy Vee Accounts Receivable Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $956.90;

Innovative Protectives, Inc. Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $4,000.00; In-

strumentalist Awards Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $263.00; Integrity

Design USA Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $933.00; Inter State Stu-

dio & Publishing Co Miscellaneous

Expenditure $950.84; Inter State

Studio & Publishing Co Miscella-

neous Expenditure $1,437.26; Inter

State Studio & Publishing Co Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $990.74; J

W Pepper & Son Inc Supplies

$113.88; Jack Lederman Co Inc

Professional Services $353.20; Ja-

cob Temme Professional Services

$25.00; Jason Owens Travel

$215.76; Java Junction LLC Sup-

plies $120.00; Java Junction LLC

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$110.00; Jay Kuecker Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $500.00; Jeana

Peterson Travel $331.88; Jeff Ganz

Travel $45.83; Jeff Ganz Profes-

sional Services $62.50; Jeff Ganz

Professional Services $62.50; Jeff

Vyhlidal Professional Services

$68.00; Jenae Loeffelholz Miscella-

neous Expenditure $17.74; Jesse

Florang Travel $113.33; Jesse LaB-

rie Professional Services $230.00;

Jessica Grasz Travel $7.98; Jessica

Grasz Travel $7.98; Jessica Walters

Travel $19.11; Jessica Walters

Travel $19.11; Jill Clevenger Travel

$33.75; Jillian Epley Professional

Services $150.00; Jillian Epley Pro-

fessional Services $150.00; Jim

Crosby Professional Services

$150.00; Jim Crosby Professional

Services $200.00; Jim Langin Pro-

fessional Services $250.00; Jim

Langin Professional Services

$255.00; Jimmy Johns Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $126.75; John-

stone Supply Supplies $3,420.51;

Johnstone Supply Supplies

$148.81; Jolene Berke Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $100.00; Jonathan

Carson Travel $243.60; Jones

School Supply Co Inc Supplies

$93.56; Jones School Supply Com-

pany Supplies $21.72; Jordan

Wong Professional Services

$350.00; Josh Nutt Travel $223.77;

Judith Geiselman Supplies

$195.00; Kaleigh Johnson Travel

$141.69; Kansas Athletics Dues

and Fees $260.00; Kansas Athlet-

ics Dues and Fees $220.00; Kaplan

Early Learning Company Supplies

$134.29; Kate Murphy Travel

$112.46; Kathleen Eckloff Miscella-

neous Expenditure $119.56; Kathy

Fisher Travel $14.33; Katie Math-

ews Miscellaneous Expenditure

$51.42; Kearney Ace Hardware

Supplies $43.43; Kearney Ag &

Auto Repair Inc Vehicle Repair

$385.41; Kearney Area Chamber Of

Commerce Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $100.00; Kearney Area Cham-

ber Of Commerce Miscellaneous

Expenditure $150.00; Kearney Area

Children's Museum Dues and Fees

$192.00; Kearney Area Community

Foundation Miscellaneous Expend-

iture $52.00; Kearney Area Solid

Landfill City Of Kear Professional

Services $354.15; Kearney Con-

crete Co Inc Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $1,338.24; Kearney Crete

& Block, Inc. Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $85.75; Kearney Floral

Miscellaneous Expenditure $98.90;

Kearney Glass Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $0.00; Kearney Hub Ad-

vertising $1,632.26; Kearney Pub

Sch Foundation Professional Ser-

vices $21,957.55; Kearney Pub Sch

Foundation Professional Services

$10,526.08; Kearney Quality Sew &

Vac Repairs & Maintenance Ser-

vices $39.99; Kearney Tackles

Cancer Miscellaneous Expenditure

$250.00; Kearney Winlectric Co

Supplies $1,659.41; Kearney Win-

nelson Supplies $2,752.17; Kelli

Urbanek Travel $61.19; Kelly

Cacaro Supplies $25.00; Kelly Sup-

ply Co Supplies $108.52; Kerry

Eilers Travel $13.22; Kicks for a

Cure, Inc. Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $1,750.00; Kids Helping Kids

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$1,433.97; Kids Helping Kids Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $0.00; Kids

Helping Kids Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $1,182.56; Kids Helping

Kids Miscellaneous Expenditure

$1,062.89; Kidwell Professional

Services $1,518.75; Kris Kampovitz

Travel $59.47; Kristie Arnold Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $49.34;

Krystal Reynolds Travel $15.54;

Kurt Schmidt Professional Services

$70.00; Kurt Schmidt Professional

Services $125.00; Kurt Schmidt

Professional Services $125.00;

Kyle Heilbrun Travel $49.18; Kyle

Smith Professional Services

$110.00; Lakeshore Lrng Materials

Supplies $1,169.23;

Inc Supplies $642.24; Larry Rutar

Professional Services $225.00;

Larry Rutar Professional Services

$250.00; Lauren Bonk Professional

Services $470.25; Lawson Prod-

ucts Inc Supplies $566.46; Leica

Geosystems Supplies $1,355.97;

Leisa McConnell Travel $79.69;

Leisa McConnell Travel $49.19;

Lena Schlegelmilch Professional

Services $200.00; Lexington High

School Professional Services

$85.00; Lincoln East High School

Dues and Fees $80.00; Lincoln

Southeast High School Dues and

Fees $100.00; Lincoln Southwest

High School Dues and Fees

$100.00; Lincoln Southwest High

School Dues and Fees $140.00;

Lips Printing Service Supplies

$142.43; Lisa Brown Travel $54.12;

Logan Harter Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $154.33; Lori Keller

Travel $226.72; Louis Eckhart Pro-

fessional Services $223.00; Lou's

Sporting Goods Supplies

$6,730.59; Lynette Wiltgen Postage

$60.60; Lynette Wiltgen Miscella-

neous Expenditure $25.25; Macie

Wippel Transportation Charges

$43.00; Macie Wippel Travel

$86.04; Mackin Educational Re-

sources Library Referances

$557.52; Mandy Farber Travel

$47.56; Mannie Reinsch Miscella-

neous Expenditure $125.00; Mark-

erboard People Supplies $294.00;

Marty Tiff Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $1,095.48; Mary Bryson Travel

$222.47; Mary Fruhling Supplies

$48.27; Mary Fruhling Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $28.45; Mary

Fruhling Miscellaneous Expenditure

$38.07; Masie Dulitz Professional

Services $75.00; Master Teacher

Awards Miscellaneous Expenditure

$231.16; Masters True Value Sup-

plies $522.19; Matheson Linweld

Supplies $822.90; Maverick Indus-

tries Inc Professional Services

$1,819.00; McGraw Hill School

Education Holdings LL Supplies

$518.13; McKenna's Rae of Hope

Foundation Miscellaneous Expend-

iture $1,000.00; McKenna's Rae of

Hope Foundation Miscellaneous

Expenditure $500.00; McMaster

Carr Supplies $56.28; Mead Lum-

ber Kearney Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $1,399.40; Megan

Schmidt Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $25.00; Megan Schmidt Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $40.98;

Megan Schmidt Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $50.00; Menards Kear-

ney Supplies $2,804.21; Mi6 Pizza,

Inc Supplies $66.60; Mi6 Pizza, Inc

Miscellaneous Expenditure $35.99;

Mi6 Pizza, Inc Food $4,120.75; Mi-

chaela Sherbeck Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $60.00; Michele A Frie-

sen Supplies $34.03; Michele A

Friesen Miscellaneous Expenditure

$74.98; Michelle DeVries Travel

$30.74; Michelle Kohmetscher Pro-

fessional Services $1,994.44; Mi-

chelle McCormick Miscellaneous

Expenditure $25.20; Mick John-

son/Action Piano Tuning Miscella-

neous Expenditure $1,140.00; Mid-

way Chrysler Dodge Jeep Tires and

Parts $142.00; Midwest Connect

Postage $1,316.68; Millard West

High School Dues and Fees

$115.00; Miller Signs Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $203.00; Minden

High School Dues and Fees

$125.00; Mindi Heese Travel

$16.65; Mitch Olson Travel $17.17;

MNJ Technologies Supplies

$20.70; Molly Mitchell Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $65.00; Moonlight

Embroidery & Screen Print Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $270.00;

Moonlight Embroidery & Screen

Print Miscellaneous Expenditure

$195.00; Moonlight Embroidery &

Screen Print Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $2,391.50; Moonlight

Embroidery & Screen Print Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $785.50;

Moonlight Embroidery & Screen

Print Miscellaneous Expenditure

$95.00; Morgan Thorson Profes-

sional Services $130.00; Morgan

Thorson Professional Services

$170.00; Morris Press & Office

Supplies Supplies $323.25; Mosaic

Pupil Services $3,177.30; Motivat-

ing Systems LLC Miscellaneous

Expenditure $1,410.75; Music Ex-

press Hal Leonard LLC Supplies

$215.00; Music in Motion Supplies

$234.66; NAEA Nebraska Ag Ed

Association Miscellaneous Expend-

iture $470.00; NAEYC Supplies

$750.00; NASB NE Association of

School Boards Travel $770.00;

NASPA Nebraska Assoc Sch Persl

Admin Travel $150.00; Nathan

Jones Professional Services

$110.00; Nathan LeFeber Miscella-

neous Expenditure $223.00; Na-

tional FFA Organization Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $621.60; National

FFA Organization Miscellaneous

Expenditure $65.80; National FFA

Organization Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $432.00; National School

Boards Association Travel $350.00;

NCSA Nebraska Council of School

Admin Dues and Fees $4,360.00;

NDE ECTC Travel $125.00; NDE

Early Childhood Training Center

Travel $45.00; Nebraska Camera

Supplies $556.95; Nebraska Cen-

tral Equipment Co Tires and Parts

$47.33; Nebraska FBLA Miscella-

neous Expenditure $912.00; Ne-

braska FCCLA Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $36.00; Nebraska FFA

Association Miscellaneous Expend-

iture $135.00; Nebraska Food Dis-

tribution Program Food $11,095.26;

Nebraska Public Power District

Electricity $57,124.42; Nebraska

Public Power District Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $152.52; Ne-

braska School Nutrition Assn Dues

and Fees $750.00; Nebraska State

Literacy Association Supplies

$210.00; Nebraska Truck Center

Inc Vehicle Repair $1,510.85; Ne-

braskaLink Purchased Service Tel-

ephone $821.82; Nevaeh

Suchsland Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $154.33; Nicole Peterson

Travel $214.60; Nicole Peterson

Travel $25.75; Nikki Garey Travel

$253.11; North Platte High School

Dues and Fees $50.00; Northwest-

ern Energy Natural Gas $5,284.43;

Nuttelman Fencing Inc Supplies

$14.04; Office Depot Inc Supplies

$61.41; Supplies

$124.92; O'Keefe Elevator Co Pro-

fessional Services $681.00; Omaha

Music Therapy LLC Pupil Services

$1,060.00; Omaha North Dues and

Fees $300.00; Omaha World Her-

ald Advertising $7,089.00; One

Source Professional Services

$532.00; Paige Garringer Travel

$217.91; Papillion La Vista High

School Dues and Fees $100.00;

Patricia Mahrt Roberts Supplies

$740.00; Patrick McFadden Sup-

plies $373.95; Patty Lenz Travel

$16.99; Patty Wilson Miscellaneous

Expenditure $550.00; Peak Inter-

ests LLC Food $4,195.00; PEAP

President Ed Award Program Sup-

plies $145.00; PEP CO, Inc. Pro-

fessional Services $2,210.00; Perry

Guthery Haasa & Gessford PC LLO

Contracted Legal Services

$300.00; Pilar Nelsen Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $14.95; Plank

Road Publishing Supplies $112.45;

Platinum Awards & Gifts Miscella-

neous Expenditure $2,050.00;

Platte Valley Communications Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $1,051.11;

Play With A Purpose Supplies

$1,356.03; Power Protection Prod-

ucts Inc Professional Services

$1,850.00; Premier Rental Pur-

chase Library Referances $699.00;

Quality Sound & Water Miscella-

neous Expenditure $49.00; Quill

Corporation Supplies $416.85; R8

Productions, LLC Stage Supplies

$420.00; Rachel Conner Miscella-

neous Expenditure $35.20; Really

Good Stuff Inc Supplies $22.94;

Really Good Stuff Inc Supplies

$545.12; Region 3 Behavioral

Health Services Travel $150.00;

Relentless Screen Printing Miscel-

laneous Expenditure $292.00; Ren-

aissance Learning Inc Supplies

$4,882.00; Rhonda Moseley Travel

$50.29; Rick Jeffery Professional

Services $200.00; Ricky Trammell

Professional Services $130.00;

Riddell Miscellaneous Expenditure

$291.05; Roan Howard Travel

$55.17; Robert Goff Professional

Services $75.00; Robert Leonard

Professional Services $275.00;

Robert Leonard Professional Ser-

vices $150.00; Robert Leonard Pro-

fessional Services $145.00; Rowe

Sanctuary Supplies $147.00; Rowe

Sanctuary Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $88.50; Rowe Sanctuary Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $114.00;

Roxanne Tillotson Miscellaneous

Expenditure $220.00; Ruben D

Gomez P Professional Services

$306.00; Runza Southeast Sup-

plies $420.00; Ryan Fuchs Profes-

sional Services $205.00; Ryan

Fuchs Professional Services

$210.00; Ryan Fuchs Professional

Services $55.00; S & J Construc-

tion Building Acquitions and Im-

provements $18,261.55; Saadat

Hosseini Professional Services

$75.00; Saadat Hosseini Profes-

sional Services $220.00; Saadat

Hosseini Professional Services

$75.00; Saadat Hosseini Profes-

sional Services $155.00; Saadat

Hosseini Professional Services

$240.00; Santiago Perez Profes-

sional Services $96.00; Sara Chap-

man Gomez Travel $59.74; Sara

Halvorsen Travel $76.63; Sara

Halvorsen Food $6.67; Sara

Koehler Travel $28.88; Sara

Koehler Travel $10.85; Sara Langan

Travel $7.42; Sara Langan Travel

$43.56; Sarah Everett Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $8.80; Sarah

Jones Supplies $49.98; Sayler

Screenprinting Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $45.00; Sayler Screen-

printing Miscellaneous Expenditure

$112.50; Sayler Screenprinting

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$119.50; Scholastic Book Fairs

Supplies $27.96; School Health

Corporation Supplies $78.94;

School Nurse Supply Inc Supplies

$38.00; School Specialty Inc Sup-

plies $1,567.11; Scorevision Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure

$30,268.73; Scot Fransk Travel

$120.11; Seth Wieduwilt Miscella-

neous Expenditure $154.33; Shane

Labenz Professional Services

$75.00; Shantel Eatherton Travel

$265.25; Sharon Almquist Miscella-

neous Expenditure $79.74; Sharon

Campbell Professional Services

$175.00; Sherwin Williams Supplies

$122.21; ShopBot Tools Inc Sup-

plies $223.41; Shredding Solutions

Professional Services $144.15;

Sign Center Inc. Professional Ser-

vices $80.00; Smallcakes of Kear-

ney Miscellaneous Expenditure

$411.00; Sonic Drive Inn Supplies

$38.72; Sonova USA Inc Supplies

$278.99; Spanning Cloud Apps Inc

Technology Software $4,650.00;

SpartanNash Family Fresh Sup-

plies $177.12; Speed Stacks Inc

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$505.00; Spracklin Chiropractic

Physicals $180.00; Springer Roof-

ing, Inc. Roofs $7,895.00; Stacie

Williams Supplies $588.19; Stage-

coach Gift Shop Supplies $185.18;

Staples Advantage Supplies

$389.92; Stefanie Green Travel

$267.40; Steinbrink Landscaping

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$187.49; Stericycle Professional

Services $85.68; Sterling Comput-

ers Technology Related Hardware

$4,725.00; Steve Larson Supplies

$98.86; Steve Seskin Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $1,500.00; Steve

Shearer Professional Services

$75.00; Strategic Air And Space

Museum Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $1,071.72; Sue Liveringhouse

Miscellaneous Expenditure $56.27;

SupplyWorks Supplies $3,514.72;

Supreme School Supply Supplies

$50.83; TAESE/USU Technical As-

sist Excell Sped Travel $60.00;

Tara Hiatt Travel $19.66; Tara Hiatt

Travel $15.73; Tara Hiatt Travel

$3.93; Taryn Schwartz Supplies

$15.75; Teacher Created Re-

sources Supplies $52.92; Teacher

Direct Supplies $643.90; Teacher

Synergy Inc Supplies $59.49;

Teacher's Discovery Supplies

$170.90; Tennille Allison Supplies

$37.31; Tennille Allison Miscellane-

ous Expenditure $66.20; Terri Rech

Travel $30.42; Terrie Maloley Travel

$208.80; The Big Rack Shack Sup-

plies $275.00; The Filter Shop Inc

Supplies $389.00; The Library

Store Inc Miscellaneous Expendi-

ture $532.95; The Lockmobile Sup-

plies $6.60; The Thompson Co.

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$230.66; The Thompson Co. Food

$190.09; The World Theatre Mis-

cellaneous Expenditure $750.00;

Therapro, Inc Supplies $981.93;

Threshold Supplies $236.00;

Tierney Miscellaneous Expenditure

$4,287.00; Tiffany Stoiber Profes-

sional Services $150.00; Tiffany

Weiss Travel $26.10; Tillotson En-

terprises Repairs & Maintenance

Services $679.00; Tim Higgins Pro-

fessional Services $125.00; Tim

Higgins Professional Services

$275.00; Tori Fiala Miscellaneous

Expenditure $94.20; Tori Stofferson

Travel $215.76; Tractor Supply Co.

Supplies $1,260.14; Trane Profes-

sional Services $8,313.94; Tri

County Glass Inc Repairs & Main-

tenance Services $2,845.50; Troxell

Communications Inc Supplies

$66.65; Truck Center Companies

Vehicle Repair $1,493.51; Turner

Body Shop Vehicle Repair

$4,615.08; UCA Universal Cheer-

leaders Assn Miscellaneous Ex-

penditure $2,300.00; UCS Inc Sup-

plies $3,964.00; Unite Private Net-

works LLC Purchased Service Tel-

ephone $1,967.32; Universal Dance

Association Miscellaneous Expend-

iture $1,600.00; University of Ne-

braska UNL Dues and Fees

$160.00; UNK College of Education

Professional Services $2,000.00;

Uprise Design LLC Miscellaneous

Expenditure $1,532.00; US Bank

Cardmember Service Advertising

$98.00; US Bank Cardmember

Service Driver License/Criminal

History $27.00; US Bank

Cardmember Service Food

$100.00; US Bank Cardmember

Service Miscellaneous Expenditure

$4,907.06; US Bank Cardmember

Service Professional Services

$176.95; US Bank Cardmember

Service Supplies $1,058.24; US

Bank Cardmember Service Tech-

nology Software $325.00; US Bank

Cardmember Service Transporta-

tion Charges $64.01; US Bank

Cardmember Service Travel

$9,215.43; US Bank Cardmember

Service Vehicle Gasoline $40.90;

US Bank Cardmember Service Ve-

hicle Gasoline $170.68; USA Com-

munications Purchased Service

Telephone $480.00; USI Education

& Government Sales Supplies

$211.36; Valerie Nigro Supplies

$13.96; Verdis Group LLC Profes-

sional Services $3,089.00; Verizon

Wireless Purchased Service Tele-

phone $888.88; Veronica Willson

Furniture and Fixtures $93.00; Ve-

ronica Willson Travel $22.76; Von

Alavi Professional Services

$225.00; Von Alavi Professional

Services $225.00; Von Alavi Pro-

fessional Services $75.00; Von

Alavi Professional Services

$150.00; Von Alavi Professional

Services $295.00; W.T. Cox Sub-

scriptions Periodicals $126.28;

Walmart Community BRC Supplies

$4,150.14; Walnut Middle School

Supplies $80.00; Walt Disney

World Miscellaneous Expenditure

$320.00; West Music Supplies

$262.97; WPCI Western Path Con-

sult Inc Drug Testing $202.00;

Yandas Music Furniture and Fix-

tures $1,130.80; Yandas Music

Supplies $114.76; Yandas Music

Miscellaneous Expenditure

$183.00; Yandas Music Miscella-

neous Expenditure $118.96; Zaner

Bloser Inc Supplies $25.99;

Zimmerman Printers Supplies




FOR MAY 2019



BD Construction Building Ac-

quitions and Improvements

$58,981.36; WILKINS Architecture

Design Planning Building Ac-

quitions and Improvements


ZNEZ My18,t1


Meeting Proceedings

Kearney Public Schools

Board of Education

Regular Meeting

Monday, May 13, 2019

5:30 P.M.

Cope Presentation Room

Sunrise Middle School

4611 Ave. N

Kearney, NE 68847



At its May 13, 2019 regular meet-

ing, the Kearney Public Schools

Board of Education took the follow-

ing action:

1. Excused Board Member Drew

Blessing from the meeting

2. Recognized the KHS FCCLA

State Leadership Conference 1st

and 2nd place winners-Leslie As-

pen, MilliCaprian, Ivan Molina, Col-

tenRenken, Molly Walker, and Jos-

elinne Gomez

3. Recognized the KHS FBLA

State Leadership Conference 1st

and 2nd place winners-Miguel

Guerrero, Benjamin Soria, Harish

Yerra, Isabella Cao, Kylee

Sponenburgh, Gabi Hoffman, and

Rachel Waugh

4. Heard an update from Nathan

LeFeber on plans for the KHS Band

to travel to Germany and the Czech

Republic in May, 2020.

5. Heard a report from Kent

Cordes from BD Construction on

progress being made on the con-

struction and renovation project at

Northeast Elementary School

6. Heard a report from Superin-

tendent Edwards on the status of

legislation being considered in the

Nebraska Unicameral that affects


7. Approved the minutes of the

April 8, 2019 Board of Education

meeting, as presented

8. Approved the May, 2019

claims, as presented

9. Approved the May, 2019 finan-

cial reports, as presented

10. Approved the KHS FBLA

Chapter trip to the 2019 FBLA Na-

tional Leadership Conference, June

28-July 3, 2019 in San Antonio, TX,

with no direct cost incurred by the

school district

11. Approved the KHS FCCLA

Chapter trip for Milli Caprian to the

National FCCLA Leadership Con-

ference, June 30-July 4, 2019 in

Anaheim, CA, with no direct cost

incurred by the school district

12. Approved the KHS HOSA

Chapter trip to the HOSA Interna-

tional Leadership Conference in Or-

lando, FL., June 18-23, 2019, with

no direct cost incurred by the

school district

13. Approved changes to the

Kearney Public Schools Student

Fee Schedule for the 2019-2020

school year, as follows:

Transportation Fee-$127.00

Lunch Prices-5-cent increase

Instrument Rental - Orchestra -

$65.00, Band - $130.00

Activity Tickets-$55.00

Facility Use Fees-3% increase

14. Accepted the resignations of

Clayton Waddle, math teacher at

Kearney High School; Amber Gar-

ner, 2nd grade teacher at Windy

Hills Elementary School; Terri

Rech, math teacher at Kearney

High School; Kelsey Anderson, 8th

grade science teacher at Sunrise

Middle School; Mindy Fichtner, 5th

grade teacher at Central Elemen-

tary School; Daniel Martin, math

teacher at Kearney High School;

and the retirement resignations of

Lorraine Heiden, music teacher at

Kenwood Elementary School; and

Mary Bryson, speech/language

pathologist at Buffalo Hills and

Park Elementary Schools

15. Approved the employment of

the following teaching staff for the

2019-2020 school year: Alexandria

Peterson, MA, Step 4, 1.00 FTE

2nd grade teacher at Windy Hills

Elementary School; Alan Varela,

BA, Step 1, 1.00 FTE math teacher

at Kearney High School; Emily

Zenisek-Tucker, MA, Step 8, 1.00

FTE speech/language pathologist;

Becky Smith, BA+9, Step 6, 1.00

FTE 4th grade teacher at Bryant El-

ementary School; Emily Koski, MA,

Step 1, 1.00 FTE speech/language

pathologist at Buffalo Hills and

Park Elementary Schools; Kenda

Olson, MA, Step 8, 1.00 FTE math

teacher at Kearney High School;

CamiChristman, BA, Step 6, 1.00

FTE 6th grade language arts

teacher at Horizon Middle School;

Abby O'Connor, BA, Step 1, 1.00

FTE 5th grade teacher at Northeast

Elementary School; Tisha Thacker,

MA+45, Step 5, 1.00 FTE 5th grade

teacher at Central Elementary

School; Andrew Walters, BA, Step

8, 1.00 FTE 6th grade science

teacher at Sunrise Middle School;

Cintia Longoria, MA, Step 8, 1.00

FTE kindergarten teacher at Emer-

son Elementary School; and Gret-

chen Albers, MA, Step 8, 1.00 FTE

media/librarian at Bryant and Cen-

tral Elementary Schools

16. Approved the employment of

Jennifer Cady as an Assistant Prin-

cipal at Kearney High School for

the 2019-2020 school year, in ac-

cordance with the Kearney Public

Schools Administrator Supervision

and Evaluation Model

17. Set Monday, June 24, 2019

at 6:00 P.M. for a special retreat

meeting of the Board of Education

in the Whittier Conference Room,

320 West 24th Street, Kearney, NE

18. Moved to closed session for

the purpose of discussing teacher


19. Returned to open session

20. Adjourned the meeting

ZNEZ My18,t1

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