RE: Addition and Renovations to

Kearney Public Schools -

Sunrise Middle School

Final Bid Package

Kearney, Nebraska

BD Construction Inc. of Kearney

has been pre-selected as the Con-

struction Manager for Kearney

Public Schools - Sunrise Middle

School Addition and Renovation.

The project is located at 4611

Avenue N in Kearney, and consists

of a new, one-story, slab-on-grade

building addition totaling 6,011

square feet (SF) and renovation of

approximately 42,880 square feet

(SF) of existing building. Major

spaces within the addition include

office and administrative spaces,

along with restrooms and support

spaces. The structure will consist

of steel post and beam structure

with metal stud infill, with masonry

exterior, along with aluminum store

front and EPDM roofing. Exterior

improvements include site demoli-

tion, cast-in-place concrete and

underground utility work. Renova-

tion in the existing building includes

updating existing finishes, including

replacement of flooring, paint, relo-

cation of lockers, replacement of

acoustical ceilings, and mechanical


The Final Bid Package includes

bulk reinforcing steel (supply only),

site work, select demolition of

flooring, walls, ceilings, and exte-

rior overhangs, concrete founda-

tions and slabs, masonry, steel ma-

terials, steel erection, joint sealants,

expansion joint covers, HM-HMW

Doors and Frames (supply only),

carpentry, aluminum and glass,

acoustical ceiling tile, metal stud

framing and drywall, tiling, EPDM

roofing, specialties, casework (su-

pply), casework installation, fire

suppression, plumbing, HVAC,

electrical, and communications.

The project will be managed by

BD Construction of Kearney.

The bid opening for the project

will be held at 2:00 P.M. CENTRAL

TIME ON JUNE 4, 2019.

Bid Openings will be held at the

office of the Finance Director, Kear-

ney Public Schools, located within

the Administration Building, 320

West 24th Street, Kearney, Ne-

braska. Bids can be mailed to the

attention of Chris Nelson, 320 West

24th Street, Kearney, NE 68845 or

delivered in person prior to the time

established for the bid opening.

Please refer to the Instructions to

Bidders for further information.

The anticipated start of construc-

tion for this phase is July 1, 2019

with overall project completion

scheduled for July 31, 2020. The

addition needs to be complete by

May 15, 2020. A detailed work se-

quence is included in SECTION 01

1000 SUMMARY. This schedule is

intended to be a general guideline

to all prospective bidders for your

understanding of the anticipated

phasing and completion dates that

needs to be reflected in your bid. It

is anticipated that work may need

to occur outside of normal school

hours, including evenings, week-

ends, and school breaks. Following

the awarding of contracts to the

sub-contractors with BD Construc-

tion, the successful sub-contra-

ctors input will be requested for the

review of the overall project sched-


The Final Bid Package project

consists of furnishing all labor, ma-

terials and equipment necessary to

complete all work required for the

bid scopes for Kearney Public

Schools - Sunrise Middle School

Addition and Renovation Final Bid

Package as shown on the drawings

and described in the specifications

prepared by the Architect, Wilkins

Architecture Design Planning, 2908

West 39th Street, Suite A, Kearney,

Nebraska. The scopes of work in

the early bid package include:

Bulk Rein. Steel; Site Work; Dem-

olition; Foundations & Conc. Slabs;

Masonry; Steel Materials; Steel

Erection; Carpentry; Roofing; Air

Barrier; Tiling; Joint Sealants; Ex-

pansion Joint Covers; HM-HMV

Doors (Supply); Aluminum & Glass;

Acoustical Ceiling Tile; Metal Studs

& Drywall; Toilet Accessories; Vis-

ual Display Surf.; Wall & Corner

Guards; Fire Protection Specialties Casework (Supply); Casework

(Install); Fire Suppression; Plumb-

ing; HVAC; Electrical Communi-


All bids shall be made on the

printed proposal forms issued in

the Specifications. Detailed scopes

of work for each bid package are

available from BD Construction,

Inc. / Kearney, 209 E. 6th Street,

Kearney, NE 68847 and are in-

cluded in the specifications.

The successful bidder may be re-

quired to furnish Corporate Surety

Performance and Payment Bonds

in a sum equal to 100% of the con-

tract price.

All proposals shall remain in ef-

fect for a period of 40 calendar

days after the scheduled closing

time for the receipt of proposals.

Each bid, (excluding suppliers

only), shall be accompanied by an

acceptable Bid Bond or certified

check payable to Kearney Public

School in the amount of five per-

cent (5%) of the total bid submitted

as a guarantee that if awarded the

contract, the Bidder will promptly

enter into a contract. If bid security

is not received with the proposal,

the bid will not be considered. All

successful bidders will be required

to provide performance and pay-

ment bonds. All bids, (excluding

suppliers), are required to be

sealed with the name of the project

on the envelope.

All bids are to be in strict accord-

ance with the Contract Documents

and all other related Bid Docu-

ments. Bid Documents may be ob-

tained from the following location

beginning on May 16, 2019:

Standard Digital Imaging

4424 So. 108th Street

Omaha, NE 68137


Bid Document Information may

be obtained online from:

Standard Digital Imaging | Stand-

ard Share;

The following information may be

obtained and viewed:

1. Instructions to Bidders

2. Bid Form

3. Specifications Table of Con-


4. Section 01 1000 Work Se-


5. Addendums

6. Construction Drawings




Documents are also available for

your examination at the following

plan rooms:

Lincoln Builders Bureau, 5910 S.

58th St, Suite C, Lincoln, NE 68516

Omaha Builders Exchange, 4255

S 94th St, Omaha, NE 68127

Columbus Area Chamber of

Commerce, 753 33rd Ave., Colum-

bus, NE 68602-0515

Hastings Builders Bureau, 301 S.

Burlington, Hastings, NE 68902

Builders Plan Service, 309 W.

2nd, Grand Island, NE 68801

Reed Construction Data, 30

Technology Drive So. Suite 500,

Norcross, GA 30092

Kearney Plan Service, 1007 2nd

Ave., Kearney, NE 68847

Standard Digital Imaging/Stan-

dard Share -

Construction Industry Center -

iSqFt -

Dodge Data & Analytics (Electro-

nic Plan Room) 3315 Central Ave.,

Hot Springs, AR 71913,


Phelps County Development Cor-

poration - 502 East Ave., Suite 201,

Holdrege, NE 68949

BD Construction, Inc. /Kearney,

209 E. 6th Street, Kearney, NE


Electronic copies of bid docu-

ments may be obtained from BD

Construction. Contact Austin

Larson at 308-234-1836 or at to re-

quest access to the documents.

Contract Documents may also be

viewed at Wilkins Architecture De-

sign Planning, 2908 West 39th

Street, Suite A, Kearney, Nebraska,

and at BD Construction, 209 E. 6th

Street, Kearney, Nebraska. Copies

of plans and specifications may be

obtained from Standard Digital Im-

aging after April 16th upon pay-

ment of a $150.00 deposit for each

set. The deposit will be refunded

upon return of the plans and speci-

fications in good condition within

15 days after the bid opening date

if a bid is submitted, or if plans are

returned 7 days prior to the bid

date if a bid is not submitted.

The Owner shall have the right to

reject any or all bids and to reject a

bid not accompanied by any requir-

ing bid security or by other data re-

quired by the bidding documents;

or to reject a bid which is in any

way incomplete or irregular and to

waive any informalities in any pro-


We look forward to receipt of

your proposal on bid day. If you

should have any questions or re-

quire further assistance, please do

not hesitate to contact Austin

Larson of BD Construction at


By submitting a bid for this

project, bidder agrees he has

read the BD Construction Stand-

ard Subcontract Agreement and

if bid is accepted, is willing to ex-

ecute this Subcontract. This

Subcontract Agreement is avail-

able for review at BD's office,

209 East 6th Street, Kearney, NE



ZNEZ My21,28




The June business meeting of the

Board of Directors of The Central

Nebraska Public Power and Irriga-

tion District is scheduled for June

3, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. at the District

Headquarters in Holdrege, NE. A

current agenda is available at the

office of the Assistant Secretary at

District Headquarters, 415 Lincoln

St., Holdrege, NE or online at

ZNEZ My28,t1




The Nebraska Department of En-

vironmental Quality (NDEQ) pro-

poses to reissue without change a

National Pollutant Discharge Elim-

ination System (NPDES) permit for

West Pharmaceutical Services,

Inc., 923 West Railroad Street.,

Kearney, NE (NPDES# NE0111741;

SIC 3069). The facility molds rub-

ber to form pharmaceutical grade

parts that are used in medical de-

vices for human and veterinary

medicine. Non-contact cooling

water is discharged through Outfall

001 to the North Channel of the

Platte River, Segment MP2-10000,

via the Kearney Canal. The permit

would be issued for a period of up

to five years and would restrict pol-

lutant discharges to comply with

the requirements of Department

regulations. The draft permit, fact

sheet and other public information

are available for review at NDEQ's

Lincoln Office (address below) be-

tween 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

weekdays, excluding holidays. To

request copies of the draft permit

and other information, call

402-471-3557. Individuals requir-

ing special accommodations or al-

ternate formats of materials should

notify the Department by calling

402-471-2186. TDD users should

call 800-833-7352 and ask the re-

lay operator to call the Department

at 402-471-2186. Written com-

ments, objection and/or hearing re-

quests concerning permit issuance

may be submitted to Kim Bubb,

NPDES Permits and Compliance

Section, Nebraska Department of

Environmental Quality, 1200 N St.,

Suite 400, the Atrium, PO Box

98922, Lincoln, NE 68509-8922,

before the comment period ending

date of June 27, 2019. A determi-

nation to hold a hearing will be

based upon factual environmental

or regulatory consideration.

ZNEZ My28,t1