Kearney, Nebraska

September 24, 2019


With the absence of a minister,

the Council held a moment of si-

lence. Three Boy Scouts from

Troop 158 led the Council Mem-

bers and audience in the Pledge of

Allegiance. Mayor Clouse an-

nounced that in accordance with

Section 84-1412 of the Nebraska

Revised Statutes, a current copy of

the Open Meetings Act is available

for review and is posted on the wall

of the Council Chambers. Stanley

A. Clouse, President of the Council,

called a regular meeting of the City

Council to order on September 24,

2019 at 5:30 p.m. with the following

Council Members responding to

roll call: Randy Buschkoetter,

Bruce Lear and Tami James

Moore. Absent: Jonathan Nikkila.

City Clerk recorded the minutes.

Administrative personnel were also

present. Notice of the meeting had

been given according to law.

There was no Oral Communica-


There was no Unfinished Busi-


Public Hearings:

1. Council conducted and closed

the public hearing on the Applica-

tions submitted by Olsson for

Blessing Premier Property, LLC for

property located at North of West

1st Street Place and West of Cen-

tral Avenue. By majority vote,

Nikkila absent, suspended the rules

requiring the reading of ordinances

on three different days and placed

and approved Ordinance No. 8376

vacating a portion of Central Ave-

nue Right-of-Way located in part of

Government Lot 8 in the Southwest

Quarter of Section 12, Township 8

North, Range 16 West of the 6th

P.M., Buffalo County, Nebraska

and Ordinance No. 8377 vacating

lots 1, 2 and 3, Margie Second Ad-

dition, an addition to the City of

Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebras-

kaon first reading by number only.

Ordinance Nos. 8376 and 8377

were read by number. By majority

vote, Nikkila absent, Ordinance

Nos. 8376 and 8377 was passed,

approved and ordered published as

required by law and made available

to the public at the Office of the

City Clerk, the City Police Depart-

ment and the Public Library.

Council by majority vote, Nikkila

absent, adopted Resolution No.

2019-167approving the final plat

for Margie Third Addition, an addi-

tion to the City of Kearney, Buffalo

County, Nebraska.

2. Council conducted and closed

the public hearing and by majority

vote, Nikkila absent, adopted Res-

olution No. 2019-168 approving the

proposed Engineering Report for

the construction of new sewage

screening, new grit removal, new

primary pump station, new primary

treatment system and associated

improvements, the impact to rates,

any needed mitigation measures

and to meet clean water SRF crite-


3. Council conducted and closed

the public hearing for the purpose

of revising the City of Kearney

Budget for the 2018-2019 Fiscal

Year. By majority vote, Nikkila ab-

sent, suspended the rules requiring

the reading of ordinances on three

different days and placed Ordi-

nance No. 8378 on first reading by

number only. Ordinance No. 8378

was read by number. By unani-

mous vote, Ordinance No. 8378

was passed, approved and ordered

published as required by law and

made available to the public at the

Office of the City Clerk, the City

Police Department and the Public


Consent Agenda:

By unanimous vote the following

items were approved:

1. Minutes of Regular Meeting

held September 10, 2019.

2. C L A I M S

PS - Personnel Services

SMCS - Supplies, Materials &

Contractual Services

ER - Equipment Rental

CO - Capital Outlay

DS - Debt Service


4Imprint-$505.45-smcs; 56th St

Amoco-$12.13-smcs; 911 Cus-

tom-$1,161.16-co; Ab-

os-$49.00-smcs; Accts. Receivable



Acushnet-$2,653.84-smcs; Ado-

be-$29.99-smcs; Advanced Au-

to-$39.42-smcs; Agri Co-

op-$1,942.85-smcs; Alert

3-$3,550.00-smcs; Alert All-$2,1-

55.00-smcs; All Makes Auto Sup-

ply-$3,855.17-smcs; All Star Pro

Golf-$314.51-smcs; Ally B De-

signs-$75.00-smcs; Amax Con-

tracting-$1,353.99-co; Ama-

zon-$7,927.78-smcs,co; American

-$841.63-smcs; American But-

ton-$640.10-smcs; American Insti-

tute of CPAs-$285.00-smcs; Amer-

ican Legion-$74.74-smcs; Ameri-

can Library Assn.-$668.40-smcs;

Andersen Wrecking-$1,500.00-co;

Another Look-$129.54-smcs; AP

Electric-$257.76-smcs; Apple Mar-

ket-$5.47-smcs; Aramark Uni-

form-$370.62-smcs; Arbor Day

Fdn.-$35.00-smcs; Archie

Comics-$29.99-smcs; Ask Sup-

ply-$1,314.04-smcs; Assn. Fraud

Examiners-$294.00-smcs; Aurora

Coop-$25.04-smcs; Auto Val-

ue-$970.85-smcs; Avtech Soft-

ware-$1,543.86-co; B & S Con-

crete-$1,500.00-smcs; B&H Pho-

to-$929.66-smcs,co; Baker & Tay-

lor-$7,440.55-smcs; Baughman,E-

-$181.50-smcs; Bear Frame-

$159.70-smcs; Bebb,Z-

$39.62-smcs; Bee-

hive-$11,900.00-co; Ben-


Bickford,N-$119.63-smcs; Bird Ap-

p-$45.00-smcs; Birnie,K-$-

1,000.00-smcs; Blackstone Audi-

o-$463.03-smcs; Blakely,M-$40-

0.00-smcs; Blessing, In-

c.-$86,147.38-co; Blue to Gold

Law Enf.-$508.00-smcs;

BlueCross/BlueShield-$121,311.81-smcs; Book Page-$864.00-smcs;

Bosselman Ener-

gy-$5,456.35-smcs; Bpad Group-

-$250.00-smcs; Brady World-


Sand & Gravel-$1,514.00-smcs;

Buffalo Co. Attor-

ney-$18,750.00-smcs; Buffalo Co.

Treasurer-$183.99-smcs,co; Buf-

falo Outdoor Pow-

er-$2,915.06-smcs,co; Buffalo Sur-

veying Corp.-$1,491.95-smcs;

Builders-$886.62-smcs,co; CAN-

DO-$7,000.00-smcs; Can-

va-$72.75-smcs; Cape Cod Brass

& Security-$118.55-smcs;$292.61-co; Carl Whit-

ney Sand-$612.00-smcs;

Carquest-$280.54-smcs; Casey's-

$49.22-smcs; Cash-W-

a-$4,828.47-smcs; CDW Govern-


Cenex-$34.80-smcs; Central

Fire-$368.00-smcs; Central Hy-

draulic-$438.90-smcs; Central NE

Airport-$18.00-smcs; Central NE

Bobcat-$8,954.48-smcs,co; Char-


Chemsearch-$676.00-smcs; Cher-

okee Product-$295.00-smcs;


Chicken Coop-$50.00-smcs; Chief


Cintas-$182.60-smcs; City

Glass-$69.91-smcs; City of Kear-

ney-$24,875.95-smcs,ps; Clean

Machine -$589.00-smcs; CMH In-

teriors-$5,928.66-smcs; Cold Spr-

ing Granite-$233.10-smcs;

Comcate-$2,168.69-smcs; Comfort

Inn-$11,123.44-smcs; Comm. Act.

Part.- Mid NE-$858.00-smcs;

Commercial Rec. Spe-

c.-$13,274.80-smcs; Com-

passcom-$8,342.80-smcs; Consol-

idated Mgmt.-$715.54-smcs; Con-

struction Rent-

al-$4,827.52-smcs,co; Control

Yours-$200.00-smcs; Copycat

Printing-$92.82-smcs; Core &

Main-$1,636.70-smcs; Corey Com-

plete-$170.00-smcs; Credit Man-

agement Serv.-$197.25-ps;

Cricut-$569.71-smcs; Crystal


Culligan-$222.00-smcs; Cum-


Curbit-$1,086.00-smcs; Cutter &

Buck-$4,528.50-smcs; Danko

Emergency-$1,839.29-smcs; Davis

Equipment-$2,032.40-smcs; Daw-

son Public Pow-

er-$36,576.62-smcs; Daylight

Donuts-$163.92-smcs; Del-


Demco-$984.67-smcs; Department

of Education-$320.82-ps;


Discmagic-$203.75-smcs; Dish-

$212.10-smcs; Ditch Witch-$5,1-

15.42-smcs; Diversity IT-


Dmilaco-$285.00-smcs; Dolan

Consulting-$25.00-smcs; Dol-



Eagle Distributing-$1,200.25-smcs;

Eakes -$16,686.17-co,; smcs;

Ebay-$0.84-smcs; Ebsco Publish-

ing-$3,774.00-smcs; Ecolab

-$80.26-smcs; Ed Broadfoot &

Sons-$142.50-smcs; Ehr-

lich-$54.00-smcs; Eileen's Cook-

ie-$64.25-smcs; Elf Enter-

prises-$75.00-smcs; EMC Insur-

ance-$18,661.09-smcs; Enforce-

ment Video-$1,665.00-co; Engi-

neered Controls-$130.30-smcs;


Enterprise-$24.87-smcs; Envi-



Etsy-$75.93-smcs; Eurofins Ea-

ton-$3,140.00-smcs; Event

Brite-$800.00-smcs; Express Cen-

ter Park-$7.50-smcs; Expression



Eyemed-$860.14-smcs; F.D.

Leatherworks-$465.00-smcs; Fair-

banks -$845.91-smcs,co; Fairfield

Inn-$239.14-smcs; Family

Fresh-$70.22-smcs; Family Prac-

tice-$130.00-ps; Fas-


Fiddelke-$120.00-smcs; Fire Line

-$102.68-smcs; Firerescue

TV-$1,149.00-smcs; Fort Kearney


Foutch,D-$81.16-smcs; Fron-

tier-$7,372.83-smcs; Gale-


Galeton-$1,916.13-smcs; Gall-

s-$760.32-smcs; Gangwish Turf-

$25.80-smcs; Garrett Tires-

$10,970.66-smcs; Gary Smith Con-

struction-$27,516.52-co; GI

Physcial Therapy-$45.00-co;

Global Industrial-$510.23-co;

Global Lead-$51.00-smcs; Global

Leadership-$149.00-smcs; Gopher

Sport-$222.86-smcs; Govt. Fi-

nance Office-$285.00-smcs; Gra-

ham Tire-$1,176.00-smcs; Grain-

ger-$525.52-smcs; Greater NE Cit-


Grimes,A-$64.19-smcs; Ham-

mer,A-$450.00-smcs; Hampton

Inns-$1,338.00-smcs; Heart-


Heggemeyer,L-$82.93-smcs; Hel-

las Construction-$35,023.50-co;

Hobby Lobby-$272.75-smcs; Holi-

day Inn-$2,664.00-smcs; Holmes

Supply-$1,937.16-smcs; Home De-

pot-$18.02-smcs; Hort,

Kyle-$100.00-smcs; Hy-Vee-

-$66.91-smcs; ICMA-$6,131.88-ps;

Ignite Olive Software Sol.-$-

4,725.60-smcs; Integrated Securi-

ty-$3,212.00-smcs; Int'l Assn.

Chiefs of Police-$425.00-smcs; In-

t'l Assn. Electrical Inspector-

s-$120.00-smcs; Int'l Public Mgmt.

Assn.-$405.00-smcs; In-$5.00-smcs;

IRS-$158,629.41-ps; J.I.L. As-

phalt-$18,528.90-co; Jack

Lederman-$1,340.28-smcs; Jack's

Uniforms-$1,410.33-smcs; JCI In-

dustries-$4,650.00-smcs; Johnsen

Corrosion Eng.-$2,520.00-smcs;

Johnstone Supply-$410.36-smcs;

Jr. Fighfighter Promo-

tions-$1,232.51-smcs; Kearney

Ace-$208.02-smcs; Kearney Ani-

mal Shelter-$7,808.00-smcs;Kea-

rney Builders Assn.-$370.00-smcs;

Kearney Catholic-$4.75-smcs;

Kearney Con-

crete-$39,924.44-smcs,co; Kear-

ney Crete & Block-

-$1,579.22-smcs,co; Kearney Hub-

-$4,554.32-smcs; Kearney Tire-

-$740.64-smcs; Kearney Towning&

Repair-$322.50-smcs; Kearney Vis-

itors Bureau-$106,052.84-smcs;

Kearney Ware-

house-$1,863.93-smcs; Kearney


Kelly Supply-$859.31-smcs;


Kohls-$53.40-smcs; KOLN

TV-$330.00-smcs; Konica


Kowalek,G-$110.00-smcs; Kwik

Trip-$20.63-smcs; La-

mar-$1,050.00-smcs; Landmark

Implement-$1,197.89-smcs; Law-

son Products-$161.39-smcs; LCL

Truck -$24,870.00-smcs; League

of NE Municipali-

ties-$4,167.00-smcs; LED Light-

ing-$317.95-smcs; Light & Si-

ren-$306.00-smcs; Lion Group-

-$1,641.81-smcs; Lips


Lockmobile-$102.60-smcs; Love's

Travel-$25.00-smcs; Lundeen-

Isaacson-$3,215.52-ps; Mac Tool-

s-$56.69-smcs; Macqueen Equip-

ment-$414.91-smcs; Marker,J-

$25.19-smcs; Marlatt Ma-


Marriott-$333.12-smcs; Masters

True Value-$766.40-smcs;

Matheson-$1,757.26-smcs; Math-

ews,L-$100.00-smcs; Matt Friend


Menards-$7,118.76-smcs,co; Mi-

crofilm Imaging Sys-

tems-$1,040.00-smcs; Mid Ameri-

can Signal-$39,528.00-smcs; Mid-

way Chevrolet-$108.78-smcs; Mid-

west Breathing -$398.69-smcs;

Midwest Connect-$483.76-smcs;

Midwest Turf-$2,250.82-smcs;

Miller & Associates-$5,518.30-co;

Miller Signs-$100.00-smcs; Miracle

Recreation Equip.-$1,072.88-co;

Mirror image-$100.00-smcs;

Moonlight Embroider-

y-$1,047.10-smcs; Motion Picture



Municipal Emergen-

cy-$16,596.99-smcs,ps; Municipal

Supply-$9,049.94-smcs; Murphy

Tractor-$10,280.25-smcs; Nat'l Ally

for Youth Sports-$60.00-smcs; NE

Child Support Pmt-$2,448.89-ps;

NE Dept Environmen-

tal-$7,500.00-smcs; NE Dept. of

Revenue-$75.00-smcs; NE Envi-

ronmental Prod-

ucts-$24,875.00-co; NE

FBI-$23.00-smcs; NE Golf

Assn.-$97.00-smcs; NE Library

Commission-$3,684.78-smcs; NE

Liquor Control Com-

m.-$47.87-smcs; NE Machiner-

y-$339.84-smcs; NE Nurse-

ry-$100.00-smcs; NE Safe-

ty-$515.00-smcs; NE Salt &

Grain-$4,715.98-smcs; NE State-

wide Arboritum-$130.00-smcs; NE

Truck Center-$3,982.94-smcs; Ne-

braskaland Distributor-

s-$1,109.80-smcs; Network Solu-

tions-$79.98-smcs; Nivel

Parts-$116.93-smcs; Northern

Safety-$382.74-smcs; Northwest

Electric-$4,888.05-smcs; North-

western Energy-$1,483.37-smcs;

Nutrien Ag Solu-

tions-$733.53-smcs; Nuway K&H


OCLC-$764.46-smcs; Office De-

pot-$2,338.23-smcs,co; Olsson

-$9,400.00-co; OMG Nat'l-$28-

7.00-smcs; One Call

-$436.91-smcs; O'Reilly Automo-


Orscheln-$429.66-smcs; OTC

Brands-$207.49-smcs; Over-

drive-$2,000.00-smcs; Para-


Partex-$389.77-smcs; Patient,B-


Penworthy-$929.34-smcs; Pep

Co.-$237.34-smcs; Perpetual

Learning Inst.-$2,040.00-smcs; Pe-


Petsmart-$516.93-smcs; Phillips

66-$25.78-smcs; Pink Ribbon

Shop-$73.30-smcs; Pioneer Manu-

facturing-$881.25-smcs; Pitney

Bowes-$60.00-smcs; Platinum

Awards-$253.64-smcs,ps; Platte

Valley Auto-$1,832.66-smcs; Platte

Valley Comm. -$103.45-smcs;

Porvantage-$1,591.92-smcs; Post-

ermywall-$24.95-smcs; Postive

Promotions-$464.10-smcs; Pot

O'Gold-$230.00-smcs; Power

Tech-$540.00-smcs; Pres-

to-X-$214.58-smcs; Priva-

cylink-$988.40-smcs; Proactive

Sports-$1,620.00-smcs; Pump &

Pantry-$12.38-smcs; Quality Me-

morials-$3,358.00-smcs; Quil-

l-$953.36-smcs; Raze

Eyewear-$285.23-smcs; Ready

Mixed Concrete-$3,485.00-co;

Reams-$3,498.01-smcs,co; Re-

corded Books-$1,713.26-smcs;

Red Cross-$120.00-smcs;

Redbox-$3.21-smcs; Reimers,J-

$0.12-smcs; Rheome Tree-$2,-

530.00-smcs; Rogers,K-$-

15.00-smcs; Running

Awards-$126.75-smcs; Russell's

Appliance-$749.98-smcs; Rutt's

Heating and Air-$3,246.62-co;

Safety Products-$410.30-smcs;

Safety Vision-$224.26-smcs; San-

dry Fire-$564.60-smcs;


ing-$232.00-smcs; Schindler Ele-

vator-$834.30-smcs; Scholastic

Education-$2,601.46-smcs; Schu-

macher Bros Fenc-

ing-$120.00-smcs; Schwan's-

$1,421.86-smcs; See Clear Clean-

ing-$2,050.00-smcs; Sensus USA-

-$1,000.00-smcs; Sequel

Book-$200.00-smcs; Seth Denney

Painting-$5,750.00-co; Shel Oil

-$22.00-smcs; Sheldon, Scott-

-$53.50-smcs; Sherwin Wil-

liams-$915.52-smcs; Shredding

Solutions-$101.10-smcs; Sign

Center-$2,285.00-smcs; Silver-

stone Group-$5,005.75-smcs;

Siteone Landscape-$146.07-smcs;

Southwest-$219.96-smcs; Sprink-

ler Warehouse-$2,189.26-smcs;

Staybridge Suites-$875.92-smcs;

Steele,M-$55.90-ps; Steinbrink


Stitch 3-$131.00-smcs;

Streakwave Wire-

less-$1,077.28-smcs; Suburban

Fire-$23,600.00-smcs; Sunbelt

Rentals-$632.72-smcs; Super

Stolie-$450.00-smcs; Superi-

on-$640.00-smcs; Supershine Au-

to-$74.00-smcs; Sutherland, Quin-

ten-$120.42-smcs; Sutphen Corp.-

-$3,233.52-smcs; Tar-

get-$330.00-smcs; TCH Cen-

tral-$974.49-smcs; Terry's Tick-

ets-$1,300.00-smcs; Thomp-

son,K-$110.00-smcs; Thomson


Thorworks-$216.66-smcs; Tielke's

Sandwiches-$73.79-smcs; Titan

Machinery-$248.15-smcs; Tommy

Gunz Bistro-$1,140.03-smcs; Tool

Warehouse-$244.91-smcs;$85.59-smcs; Trac-

tor-Supply-$845.13-smcs; Traffic

Controls-$4,650.00-smcs; Trans-

portation Control Sys.-$21-

,266.00-smcs; Travel In-

sured-$792.00-smcs; Tri-Cities

Group-$1,037.85-smcs; Tri-County



Tumbleweed-$3,393.50-smcs; Turf

Pride-$1,425.00-co; Turner Body

Shop-$2,343.51-smcs; TVH

Parts-$2,049.55-smcs; Twitco Cor-

p-$12.00-smcs; Tyler Technolo-


Uline-$1,077.24-smcs; Union Bank

& Trust Co.-$80,146.20-smcs,ps;

Unique Mgmt.-$304.30-smcs; Unit-

ed-$663.80-smcs; UPS-$44-

9.60-smcs; US Tennis

Assn.-$35.00-smcs; USA Blue

Book -$589.92-smcs; USA Com-



Verizon-$7,996.18-smcs; Vern


Vevco-$196.75-smcs; Vulcan

Signs-$8,959.75-smcs; Waggoner


Waldinger-$454.98-smcs; Wal-ma-

rt-$1,214.50-smcs,co; Walters

Electric-$14,450.00-smcs; Wal-

ters-Morgan Const.

-$128,401.21-co; Warrington,D-$-

331.00-smcs; Weller,B-$-

110.00-smcs; Westaurant Sto-


Whentowork-$100.00-smcs; Wicks

Sterling Trucks-$64.54-smcs;

Wilco Life Insurance Co.-$10-

.00-ps; Williams Clean-

ers-$16.60-smcs; Winter Equip-


WPCI-$315.00-ps; Wright,A-$89-

0.60-smcs; Yanda's Mu-


Zoriz-$840.79-smcs; Zoro Tool-

s-$277.15-smcs; Payroll Ending

09/14/2019 -- $492,516.67. The

foregoing schedule of claims is

published in accordance with Sec-

tion 19-1102 of the Revised Stat-

utes of Nebraska, and is published

at an expense of $151.24 to the

City of Kearney.

3. Receive recommendations of

Planning Commission and set Oc-

tober 8, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. as date

and time for hearing on those ap-

plications where applicable.

4. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-169 approving the extension

of the Employment Agreement be-

tween the City of Kearney and City

Manager Michael Morgan.

5. Authorize the Mayor to send a

letter of no recommendation to the

Nebraska Liquor Control Commis-

sion on the manager application for

Sara Evans submitted by Pep-

perjax Development LLC dba Cellar

Hometown Bar & Grill located at

3901 2nd Avenue in connection

with their Class IK-123077 liquor li-


6. Authorize the Mayor to send a

letter of no recommendation to the

Nebraska Liquor Control Commis-

sion on the manager application for

Jami Swift submitted by Kearney

Country Club Inc dba Kearney

Country Club located at 2800 19th

Avenue in connection with their

Class C-009051 liquor license.

7. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-170 approving T-Hangar

C-08 Lease Agreement at the Kear-

ney Regional Airport between the

City of Kearney and Central Ne-

braska Spinal Surgery Center,

P.C./David Benavides.

8. Approve the Buffalo County

Local Emergency Operations

(LEOP) Plan and adopt Resolution

No. 2019-171.

9. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-172 approving T-Hangar

B-04 Lease Agreement at the Kear-

ney Regional Airport between the

City of Kearney and Flying M Enter-


10. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-173 approving Change Order

No. 3 showing an increase/

decrease in the amount of

$91,531.00 (addition of Yanney Av-

enue paving), Change Order No. 4

showing an increase in the amount

of $6,500.00 (addition of TechOne

Erosion and Sediment Control) and

Application and Certificate for Pay-

ment No. 5 in the amount of

$200,635.20 submitted by Dan

Roeder Concrete, Inc. and ap-

proved by Miller & Associates for

2019 Part 1 Improvements; Younes

Center Sixth in connection with

Paving Improvement District Nos.

2019-996 and 2019-997 (Bid B).

11. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-174 approving Application

and Certificate for Payment No. 5

in the amount of $44,347.50 to GD

Construction, Inc.and approved by

Miller & Associates for the CDBG

Community Development Sidewalk

Replacement Project for the con-

struction of the sidewalk replace-

ment involving the area of Avenue

C to 5th Avenue and 16th Street

north to the Union Pacific Rail Line.

12. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-175 approving Change Order

No. 2 showing an increase in the

amount of $89,441.39 (addition of

2019 Airport Terminal Parking Im-

provements) to RMV Construction

and approved by Miller & Associ-

ates for the 2019 Park and Recrea-

tion Parking Lot Improvements at

Cottonmill Parking at Swim Lake

and Fountain Hills Park.

13. Approve the Plans and Speci-

fications for the Kearney South

Drainage Improvements and set the

bid opening date for October 15,

2019 at 2:00 p.m.

14. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-176 approving T-Hangar

B-09 Lease Agreement at the Kear-

ney Regional Airport between the

City of Kearney and Jeffery Baker.

15. Adopt Resolution No.

2019-177 approving Hangar Lease

Agreement between the City of

Kearney and the University of Ne-

braska at Kearney Aviation Pro-

gram allowing use of hangar space

at the Kearney Regional Airport.

Consent Agenda Ordinances:

1. By majority vote, Nikkila ab-

sent, suspended the rules requiring

the reading of ordinances on three

different days and placed Ordi-

nance No. 8379 repealing Ordi-

nance No. 8370 and classify the of-

ficers and employees of the City;

fix the ranges of compensation of

such officers and employees; es-

tablish the hours and work period

for overtime eligibility; provide for

payments of clothing and/or uni-

form allowances; provide for pay-

ment of vehicle allowance; and pro-

vide for payment of health and den-

tal benefits for active full-time em-

ployees; to provide for payment of

health benefits for early retiree em-

ployees pursuant to Resolution No.

2019-68Aon first reading by num-

ber only. Ordinance No. 8379 was

read by number. By majority vote,

Nikkila absent, Ordinance No. 8379

was passed, approved and ordered

published as required by law and

made available to the public at the

Office of the City Clerk, the City

Police Department and the Public


Regular Agenda:

1. Council by majority vote,

Nikkila absent adopted Resolution

No. 2019-176 approving the rede-

velopment project submitted by

Willis Storage, LLC for Redevelop-

ment Area #5 for an area described

as part of Lot 1, Fuller and Daley

Third Addition, an addition to the

City of Kearney, Buffalo County,

Nebraska (1203 West 16th Street).

2. Council by majority vote,

Nikkila absent, adopted Resolution

No. 2019-177 approving the rede-

velopment project submitted by

Apple Fun Center, Inc. for Redevel-

opment Area #8 for an area de-

scribed as a tract of land being part

of Government Lot 4 in Section 11,

Township 8 North, Range 16 West

of the 6th P.M., Buffalo County,

Nebraska (500 West 4th Street).

3. By a 3 to 0 vote, Clouse ab-

staining, Nikkila absent, granted

permission to pay the Open Ac-

count Claim in the amount of

$121,585.75 to Nebraska Public

Power District. By a 4 to 0 vote,

Nikkila absent, granted permission

to pay the Open Account Claim in

the amount of $10.59 to Goodwill


By unanimous vote Council ad-

journed at 6:09 p.m.







A complete text of the Minutes,

Resolutions and Ordinances are on

file in the Office of the City Clerk

and are available for public inspec-

tion during regular business hours.

ZNEZ O5,t1

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