Arlene White and Bill Williams

Arlene White, left, and Bill Williams pet Jet while Teri Edeal looks on. Jet’s first big step to become a therapy animal was graduating in June 2018 from Hilltop Canine College’s basic dog obedience course in Kearney.

Jet’s visit to Brookestone View in Broken Bow, on the edge of the Nebraska Sandhills, brought back memories for several residents who rode ponies to school and full-size horses on their farms and ranches.

“He’s great,” Tuffy Thompson, formerly of Anselmo, said about Jet, adding that he had several horses during the years.

When asked if it was a good day when he was around a horse, Thompson replied, “It still his. There’s just something about a horse ... We had good teams of horses and we used to stack hay.”

His Anselmo area neighbor Frosty Ferguson also said Jet brought back memories of times when he had horses. However, he’d never before seen one so small.

Arlene White said she rode a pony from her family’s farm west of Anselmo two miles to school in nice weather, but that pony wasn’t always a “nice little horse” like Jet.

“We’d be riding along and if a bird would fly up, he’d go off this way and we’d go off that way,” White recalled.

Hilda Spry, who described Jet as “cute and very well trained,” grew up around horses in rural Dawson County near Oconto. Later, her husband and children rode horses.

She was 15 the last time she was in the saddle. “I rode a horse out to get in cattle and the horse wanted to run to the barn,” Spry said. “I haven’t been on a horse since.”

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