LINCOLN — Nebraska’s 2019 corn production is forecast at a record 1.81 billion bushels, based on Oct. 1 conditions.

The crop forecast from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service says that would be 1 percent more than in 2018.

The harvest area of 9.75 million acres is up 5 percent from last year, while the average yield forecast of 186 bushels per acre is down six bushels.

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Forecasts for other crops include:


Production — 277 million bushels, down 15 percent

Area for harvest — 4.95 million acres, down 11 percent

Average yield — 56 bushels per acre, down two bushels


Production — 13 million bushels, down 19 percent

Area for harvest — 140,000 acres, down 18 percent

Average yield — 93 bushels per acre, down one bushel


Production — 3.51 million tons, down 4 percent

Area for harvest — 900,000 acres, up 6 percent

Average yield — 3.9 tons per acre, down 0.4 ton

All other hay

Production — 2.72 million tons, down 18 percent

Area for harvest — 1.6 million acres, down 14 percent

Average yield — 1.7 tons per acre, down 0.1 ton

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