OMAHA — Aksarben has announced the 2019 recipients of Aksarben Farm Family awards for consecutive farm ownership within one family.

There are 142 honorees for the Heritage Farm Award for 150 years and Pioneer Farm Award for 100 years. They will be honored at their county fairs, and each family will receive an engraved plaque and gatepost marker.

The partner sponsor is Nebraska Farm Bureau.

There are no Heritage Farm Award recipients in Hub Territory this year. Following are Pioneer Farm honorees and the date of original family ownership:

Buffalo County:

Mickelsen Family Farms LLC (1902)

Jerome Eckhout, two awards, (1906) (1891)

Bissell Farms LLC/Roger Bissell (1919)

Wedemeyer Farms Inc., Dennis L. Wedemeyer (1898)

Ronald D. Bauer (1919)

Custer County:

Gregory and Carol Fenske (1910)

Conrad G. Pelster, Aleta M. Ambler, Mary Frances Perry, Paula Dorris and Herman Wehling (1885)

Dawson County:

Ron Stear LTD (1918)

Brooks Valley Farms Inc. (1919)

Gosper County:

William J. and Martha L. Anderson (1918)

Alfred and Detta Holscher (1918)

Harlan County:

Suzan Hisel and Barbara Lilyhorn (1896)

Brent and Ramona Coffey (1918)

Kearney County:

Harry and Sherry Reichstein (1919).

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