LINCOLN — Nebraska corn production is forecast at a record 1.79 billion bushels based on Aug. 1 conditions, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Acres for harvest are estimated at 9.65 million acres, up 4 percent from 2018, and the estimated average yield of 186 bushels per acre would be down six bushels.

The forecast of 287 million bushels of soybeans is down 14 percent from last year and based on 4.95 million acres, down 12 percent, and average yield of 58 bushels per acre, down one bushel.

For wheat, a record yield of 58 bushels per acre is forecast, up nine bushels, with 56.3 million bushels harvested, up 14 percent. The area for harvest, at 970,000 acres, is down 4 percent.

Sorghum production is estimated at 15.5 million bushels, down 3 percent, from 165,000 acres for harvest, down 5,000 acres. The forecast yield of 94 bushels per acre is unchanged.

The alfalfa hay production forecast of 3.42 million tons is down 6 percent and based on an expected yield of 3.8 tons per acre, down a half-ton.

All other hay production is forecast at 2.56 million tons, down 23 percent.