LINCOLN — Some corn had reached silk stage and 10 percent of soybeans were blooming as of Sunday, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service.

- Corn was rated at 76 percent good to excellent, 20 percent fair and 4 percent poor, with the 2 percent silking well behind the 28 percent last year and 16 percent as the five-year average.

- Soybeans were rated 73 percent good to excellent, 23 percent fair and 4 percent poor. The 10 percent blooming compares to 48 percent at this time last year and 37 percent on average.

Reports for other crops included:

- Wheat — 70 percent good to excellent, 22 percent fair and 8 percent poor or very poor, with 2 percent harvested, compared to 22 percent last year and 26 percent on average.

- Sorghum — 79 percent good to excellent, 19 percent fair and 2 percent poor, with 11 percent headed, compared to 12 percent last year and 4 percent on average.

- Pasture and range — 86 percent good to excellent, 11 percent fair and 3 percent poor or very poor.

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