Since 1969, the Kearney plant has been making high quality valves and gears for the automotive industry. On an average day, the Kearney team, which stands nearly 500 strong, produces 300,000 valves and 30,000 gears.

Eaton-Kearney does more than just focus on valve and gear production. The plant’s mission is to improve the quality of life of its employees and our community. It does this through multiple community service activities and employee appreciation events.

“The most rewarding part is seeing the incredible impact we can make in our community and all the fun our Eaton team has while doing so,” said plant manager Landon Lueshen. “The appreciation you hear, the smiles, the calls, the thank-yous and the stories while helping our local organizations is priceless. It reassures and motivates our team we are doing the right thing and making a difference in our community.”

This is one of the many reasons the plant has won numerous awards in the community and inside of Eaton Corporation, including:

- 2018 Kearney Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business of the Year

- 2018 Stover Award Winner for Outstanding Volunteerism

- 2019 Kearney Hub Freedom Awards for Outstanding Volunteerism

“The community events, fundraisers, and support projects that we participate in are great team building events,” said Lueshen. “They also align closely with our culture and help strengthen the values that are important to our company. These events help build a caring, cohesive team that is always trying to do more.”

Volunteerism is a core value at Eaton. Employees put in countless volunteer hours at area nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Help Care Clinic, the Jubilee Center, RAFT, the Salvation Army and many more. In addition to volunteering, the Kearney plant has donated more than $200,000 to local organizations since 2017.

Eaton also puts a big focus on its employees, offering multiple employee appreciation events throughout the year. Some of those events include:

- Family Safety Day

- Family Fun Day

- Holiday Food Handouts

- Holiday Meal

- Engagement teams

- Children’s events (Easter Egg Hunt, Holiday Movie Party)

This year marks the Eaton plant’s 50th anniversary in the Kearney community. Later this year, the entire team will gather to celebrate this remarkable achievement and celebrate many years to come.

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