KEARNEY — Thirteen U.S. patents have been granted to the Parker Engine Mobile Aftermarket (EMAM) division in Kearney. Parker’s EMAM division — formerly Baldwin Filters — is one of the patent leaders among the Parker Filtration Group.

Recently six engineers, listed as inventors on the 13 U.S. patents, were recognized for their outstanding achievements.

- Randy Allen, quality manager — one utility patent

- Farrell Calcaterra, engineering manager — one utility and one design patent

- Tony Koch, engineer — one design patent

- Tim Krull, program manager — two design patents

- Steve Merritt, product engineering manager — five utility patents

- Stephen Schweitzer, engineering manager — one utility and one design patent

“Patents are an integral part of our business. Patents protect our aftermarket products. With all the new technology in filtration and with all the diverse products we produce, it is imperative that we protect our designs through patents,” said Steve Zimmerman, Division Engineering & Product Management manager.

The Parker EMAM division currently has 94 active U.S. patents (up 12 from 2017), 339 active global patents (up 28 from 2017), 22 active U.S. applications (up 15 from 2017) and 134 active global applications (up 36 from 2017).

There are 14 active Parker EMAM team members listed as inventors: Steve Merritt, 52 patents; Farrell Calcaterra, 18; Tim Krull, 14; Jeff Rogers, seven; Steven Todd, seven; Stephen Schweitzer, six; Michael Von Seggern, four; Tom Richmond, three; Jonathan Moore, one; Tony Koch, two; Randy Allen, two; Mitch Bendix, one; Greg Driml, one; and Al Liibbe, one.

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