LINCOLN — A woman in Lincoln has been arrested after she was accused of shooting a man who police say was trying to steal liquor from a convenience store.

Shelby J. Jones, 38, was a customer in the Kwik Shop at 5600 Holdrege St. on Aug. 1 when Tilian J. Tilian, 22, tried to steal liquor from the store, police said. Officials said she shot Tilian after he ran out of the Kwik Shop.

Jones was arrested Friday on suspicion of first-degree assault following an investigation into the shooting.

At 1:35 a.m. Aug. 1, Lincoln police said, officers responded to the convenience store after the clerk activated an alarm after an altercation with Tilian.

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The clerk had seen Tilian trying to steal two bottles of liquor, then tried to physically restrain him and prevent him from leaving the store, Lincoln police said.

Jones saw what happened, pulled out a handgun and put herself between Tilian and the exit, police said.

Jones has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, police said.

Tilian, who police say was still holding one liquor bottle, broke free from the clerk and ran past Jones, exiting the store. Jones shot Tilian as he left the store, hitting him in the back of the arm and missing the store clerk, who also had exited the store, police said.

After conducting interviews, reviewing video surveillance and collecting forensic evidence, investigators concluded that Tilian was fleeing when Jones shot him.

Tilian was treated at a hospital and later released.

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