KEARNEY — Three Kearneyites believed to have been selling methamphetamine out of a southeast Kearney garage have been federally indicted on drug distribution charges.

Rodney Randolph, 48, Nicole Peterson, 34, and Josiah Negley, 31, were charged last week in U.S. Federal District Court in Lincoln with distribution and possession with the intent to distribute 500 grams or more of meth between November 2018 and May 2019 in Kearney. They were arrested March 30 after Kearney police served a search warrant on their living quarters at 1602 ½ E. 16th St.

During the search suspected drugs and paraphernalia were seized. They all were arrested and charged in Buffalo County Court with felony distribution of meth.

Court records outline the case against them:

Around 4:48 p.m. March 30 Kearney Police served the search warrant on the living quarters. Randolph was contacted as he was leaving the area driving a black Jeep.

A K9 Unit was called to the scene to search the Jeep, and police found a chunk of suspected meth weighing 6 grams.

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Inside the living quarters of the garage police found a bag containing 1 gram of suspected meth in a bag next to women’s jewelry.

Police located another bag of suspected meth weighing 117.9 grams in an cellphone box in the loft of the living quarters. Numerous items of drug paraphernalia also were located in different locations inside the living quarters.

Paperwork and mail seized from the living quarters listed 1602½ E. 16th St. as Randolph’s address. Peterson and Negley were contacted inside the living quarters, and all three were arrested.

Randolph, Peterson and Negley’s cases are all pending in state and federal courts.


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