GIBBON — Adam’s Corner Market reopened Wednesday after a January fire caused severe damage to the Gibbon grocery store.

A Jan. 23 electrical fire in the basement of the store caused damages to the building close to $500,000, said owner Adam Ferguson, who has owned the market since March 2013. He said his insurance company covered the repairs and even helped the employees.

“We gutted the place. It took two months of work to get it back open,” he said.

Ferguson replaced the ceiling and install all new wiring. The grocery store also had to get new light fixtures, paint and flooring. Two weeks before opening employees from Associated Grocers Wholesale warehouse and Ferguson’s employees came to the store to stock the shelves and set up products.

Customers will see several new “trendy” features in the store.

We have a cellphone section for all your needs for cellphones,” Ferguson said. “We brought in some more name-brand stuff like Edy’s ice cream.”

The store opened at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday to customers who started forming a line outside the store at 7 a.m. Seeing customers and working with his employees again has been the best part of reopening the store.

Before opening Ferguson had made preparations to keep employees and customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We did get in Lysol spray before the coronavirus hit. We have a lot of Lysol spray,” he said. “We sanitize after every customer, carts and credit card machines and everything.”

He bought plastic glass to provide a barrier between customers and employees at the checkout, and employees consistently use hand sanitizer. He said his elderly employees won’t be returning to work until health officials deem it safe.