LEXINGTON — Three Lexington third graders have picked up their pencils and are exploring their creativity through comic form.

Twin brothers Caleb and Caden Neben, 8, and their friend, Kayden Keim, also known as K.K., 9, all third-grade students at Bryan Elementary School in Lexington, have created a comic book series, “The Adventures of Poot and Bella,” based on the Nebens’ cat, Poot, and K.K.’s dog, Bella. Caleb and Caden are the sons of Wade and Sara Neben. K.K. is the son of Bobby and Krista Keim.

The two animals have yet to meet in real life, but in the pages of the three books designed by the boys, Poot and Bella vanquish villains and save the day. 

“They are the bestest friends,” K.K. said.

The comic books started with a discussion in Spanish class last fall. Caleb and K.K. were in the class together when their teacher told them it was drawing time. They began discussing how their pets could become heroes.

“I told him, ‘Hey, let’s write a book,’” Caleb said, “and that’s how we made it.”

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