Brad Driml

Brad Driml

KEARNEY — Since its inception, Kearney’s World Theatre has been a place where cinematic classics run comfortably alongside the art nouveau, documentaries and concert films. From time to time the stage comes alive with bands of every genre or live theatrical performances.

Its inaugural year was then, as it is now, a never-ending exchange of ideas, “how abouts?” and “what ifs?”

One of those initial gambles was presenting a free Christmas Eve screening of the Frank Capra classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” As the night approached and the hype made the rounds of local media, a collective breath was held as we anxiously opened the doors and awaited the crowd.

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Only 15 of the 400 seats sat empty that first Christmas Eve.

Every year since, the house fills with loyal regulars and awestruck first-timers along with the spirit of the season and a grateful community.

As The World moves toward its next level, you can count on a continued mission to excite, engage and inspire. It’s what keeps The World spinning.