KEARNEY — Lukas and Easton Kalb came to the rescue for four baby robins Thursday at Pioneer Park in Kearney.

After their neighbor Karen Sorenson saw two other boys knock the bird nest out of the tree, she asked Easton, 15, and Lukas, 12, for a ladder. However, they volunteered more than a ladder.

“When I got over there most of the nest had fallen. We didn’t know what to do to put it back together. My brother suggested to get some duct tape and put it together,” Easton said.

With some black-and-white checkered duct tape Lukas received for Christmas, the brothers took more than 20 minutes piecing the nest back together.

“I thought it was very noble that even though there was a good chance they wouldn’t survive, they did their best,” Sorenson said. “I was impressed by their ingenuity.”

The brothers placed the robins back in their nest, and on Friday Lukas reported seeing the mother back in the nest.

Lukas and Easton are the children of Mike and Shannan Kalb of Kearney. Sorensen and the Kalbs live in the Pioneer Park area.

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