KEARNEY - The city of Kearney has declared a snow emergency in effect starting at 8 a.m. Saturday until Monday noon.

No parking is allowed on emergency snow routes during the snow emergency. Violators will be towed and ticketed.

Streets involved in the snow emergency are:

- 11th Street, 30th Avenue to Avenue M

- 16th Street, 17th Avenue to Avenue M

- 25th Street, East City limits to West City limits

- 29th Street, 2nd Avenue to Lakeview Drive

- 31st Street, 2nd Avenue to Avenue N

- 33rd Street, 2nd Avenue to 6th Avenue

- 35th Street, 6th Avenue to 30th Avenue

- 39th Street, 30th Avenue to Antelope Avenue

- 45th Street, Avenue N to Avenue R

- 48th Street, 6th Avenue to Avenue N

- 56th Street, West City Limits to East City Limits

- 2nd Avenue, North City limits to South City limits

- 5th Avenue, 11th Street to 33rd Street

- 6th Avenue, 33rd Street to 48th Street

- 17th Avenue, 35th Street to North City limits

- 30th Avenue, 11th Street to North City Limits

- Avenue A, 31st Street to 39th Street

- Avenue E, 22nd Street to 56th Street

- Avenue H, 11th Street to 22nd Street

- Avenue I, 25th Street to 39th Street

- Avenue M, 11th Street to 27th Street & Avenue N

- Avenue N, 25th Street to North City Limits

- Avenue R, 39th Street to 45th Street

- Antelope Avenue, Highway 30 to 39th Street

- Country Club Lane, 24th Street to 35th Street

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