KEARNEY — Anticipating more snowfall and strong winds, the city of Kearney’s Street Division has announced that a snow emergency has been declared. The declaration means parking is banned on any major street or arterial that is marked as an emergency snow route.

Vehicles parked on an emergency snow route will be towed and their owners will be ticketed so snow removal can proceed without problems.

According to a city of Kearney press release, the snow emergency went ill be in effect at midnight today (Friday) and will remain in effect until 6 p.m. Sunday.

The Emergency Snow Routes are as follows:

11th Street — 30th Avenue to Avenue M

16th Street — 17th Avenue to Avenue M

25th Street — east city limits to west city limits

29th Street — Second Avenue to Lakeview Drive

31st Street — Second Avenue to Avenue N

33rd Street — Second Avenue to Sixth Avenue

35th Street — Sixth Avenue to 30th Avenue

39th Street — 30th Avenue to Antelope Avenue

45th Street — Avenue N to Avenue R

48th Street — Sixth Avenue to Avenue N

56th Street — west city limits to east city limits

Second Avenue — north city limits to south city limits

Fifth Avenue — 11th Street to 33rd Street

Sixth Avenue — 33rd Street to 48th Street

17th Avenue — 35th Street to north city limits

30th Avenue — 11th Street to north city limits

Avenue A — 31st Street to 39th Street

Avenue E — 22nd Street to 56th Street

Avenue H — 11th Street to 22nd Street

Avenue I — 25th Street to 39th Street

Avenue M — 11th Street to 27th Street and Avenue N

Avenue N — 25th Street to north city limits

Avenue R — 39th Street to 45th Street

Antelope Avenue — U.S. Highway 30 to 39th Street

Country Club Lane — 24th Street to 35th Street

Country Club Lane — 39th Street to north city limits

Grand Avenue — 25th Street to Antelope Avenue

Lakeview Drive — 29th Street to 35th Street

North Railroad Street — Avenue N to 30th Avenue

South Railroad Street — Central Avenue to Avenue M

Plaza Boulevard — North Railroad Street to 24th Street

University Drive — Lakeview Drive to 24th Street

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