KEARNEY - A new company is coming to Kearney to partner with Eaton Corp., and it’s bringing eight jobs to fill.

Darren Robinson, Executive Director of the Buffalo County Economic Development Council, said Techniques Surfaces USA selected Kearney as the location of a facility that will treat parts for engines that use E85 ethanol flex fuel. It will use a patented treatment known as liquid nitriding.

TS USA will build the new facility on Antelope Avenue north of Highway 30 and south of 39th Street about a mile west of Eaton. It will be next to AMAX Contracting Inc. at 3509 Antelope Ave.

“We’re bringing that process local,” Robinson said. “Any time you create new jobs is a plus right now.”

Robinson said the company will have an initial investment of more than $2 million for land, building and tooling of the facility. 

“Although we have very few outsourced services in our Kearney facility, the specialty nature of this patented process makes sense to have this handled by a trustworthy company,” Kevin Matson, plant manager of Kearney’s Automotive division, said.

The initial operation will treat valves from Eaton, and plans are to expand the service to other parts of the country.

TS USA treats engine valves in Springfield, Ohio. The treatment process will be added to products made in the Kearney Eaton Corp. Automotive Division.

The process requires commercial packaging and shipment from Kearney to Springfield, where the valves are unpacked, treated and repacked. The valves return to Kearney for finishing. 

“This is just the beginning of our presence in Kearney, and we make this investment in recognition of addressing Eaton’s needs as well as the flexibility to expand our liquid nitriding business to other customers in the region,” said Alain Charlois, president of HEF USA and TS USA.   

Construction is scheduled to begin as soon as possible with Chief Construction acting as general contractor.  The facility is expected to be fully operational in November.

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