30th Avenue overpass

This summer, the two-lane 30th Avenue overpass in west Kearney was reconfigured into three lanes: two for southbound traffic and one for northbound. In the city of Kearney’s long-range Six-Year Plan, the overpass would be expanded to four lanes.

KEARNEY — The Kearney City Council reviewed the city’s street construction plan for 2020 on Tuesday and also reviewed the six-year plan of future street projects.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation requires counties and cities to develop and file street plans for the year ahead — called the One-Year Plan — and plans for the future — called the Six-Year Plan.

Contained on Kearney’s one-year plan for 2020 with a total cost of $4,173,000 are:

- 31st Street, from Avenues D to I, (1,872 feet), $1,030,000

- Avenue A from 25th to 27th streets (700 feet), $485,000

- Avenue N from 28th to 33rd streets, $1,200,000

- 19th Street from First Avenue to 120 feet west of First Avenue, $78,000

- Patriot Park Boulevard, $1,300,000

- Yanney Avenue from Turkey Creek Bridge north 250 feet, $80,000

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Contained in the projects on the six-year plans with a total cost of $8,962,000:

- 18th Street from Central to First avenues (storm), $670,000

- First Avenue from 18th to South Railroad streets (storm), $1,532,000

- 30th Avenue bridge expansion, $2,100,000

- 11th Street from Avenues A to F, $1,500,000

- 39th Street from 17th to 22nd avenues, $1,250,000

- Pony Express, from 325 feet north of 39th Street to 100 feet south of Indian Hills Drive, $215,000

- 31st Street from Avenues I to H (1,250 feet), $495,000

- Avenue N from 33rd to 39th streets, $1,200,000