KEARNEY — As the Kearney community grows, Dr. Blake Studley and Dr. Tyler Pool felt it was time to add another hearing healthcare option.

On May 1, Studley, the owner and an audiologist, and Pool, an audiologist, opened Audiology and Hearing Center of Kearney at 6415 Second Ave. Suite 2.

“We treat hearing and balance disorders,” said Studley, who also owns the Audiology and Hearing Center of Grand Island and a satellite office in York.

Currently, the plan is for Pool, a University of Nebraska at Kearney graduate who has been practicing for a year, to work in Kearney while Studley, who has been practicing since 2003, will work out of Grand Island.

“I love Kearney. I love this town,” said Studley as to why he decided to open a Kearney location. After opening the Grand Island office more than seven years ago he also had wanted to open up a Kearney location but wasn’t sure how to make it work until he met Pool.

“Dr. Pool came knocking on the door and so we kind of put two and two together and decided, ‘Let’s start (in) Kearney.’”

“Community wise, Kearney is ... a tight knit community,” Pool said. “It felt like it was a need in the community. I think it’s a service that, as Kearney grows, that’s needed.”

The two audiologists provide counseling, hearing tests and fit hearing aids.

When a patient visits the clinic, the doctors will take a case history and find out why the patient is struggling and why they’re there.

“We encourage them to bring family members,” Studley said. “That’s big for us because when you’re dealing with what they’re dealing with a lot of other family members are suffering in a way, too.”

The audiologists also check for wax, disorders that can be medically treated, test patients’ ear drums, measure inner ear reflexes and investigate what the degree of loss and what type of hearing loss it is. Pool and Studley also look at whether patients can understand the things they are hearing and make recommendations based on testing.

“It’s important for people to realize the difference between audiologists and a hearing aid dealer. There’s a difference in education which changes how we treat and refer,” Studley said. “We focus on really getting what a person needs, not necessarily always what they want.”

The Kearney office is open 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.


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