KEARNEY REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER is located at 804 22nd Ave., just east of Kearney High School. It occupies 18 acres on the 79-acre parcel.

KEARNEY — Sean Denney, M.D., just grins when asked about the sustained success of Kearney Regional Medical Center.

“I thought it would be fabulously successful,” he said. ”There was a tremendous need for locally run, regional health care. I knew if we’d get it built, it would grow by leaps and bounds. We doctors love to participate in something where we are actively able to give guidance and instruction on local demands for health care,” he said.

Denney, an interventional cardiologist, has been chairman of the hospital’s board of managers since KRMC opened in February 2014.

“Doctors know what the facility needs. They know what equipment is needed. It is easy to recruit doctors to come here,” he said.

He said many large health care systems all across the country are managed by governing bodies located far away. “Very rarely these days do you have a physician-led campus. Most doctors want some say into what they’re able to provide,” Denney said.

He praised KRMC employees as “highly motivated people” who are excited to work at a hospital where decisions were made locally. He said when KRMC physicians travel to places like Imperial to do outreach work, they hear people in those towns “raving” about Kearney Regional Medical Center, too.

“To me, that’s what makes this place awesome. It’s having a great place to work,” he said.

Denney can list the hurdles faced in getting the hospital financed and built, and more. He calls it “trying to shoot pheasants with a .22.”

“But coming to work daily at a place where everyone else is glad to come to work is great,” he said. “If we do a good job, patients will show up.”