KEARNEY — For a man who hosts few dinner parties, Brad Driml has enough dinnerware to serve an army.

“I just have this odd fascination with silver and crystal,” said a grinning Driml, “I always joke, ‘When I die don’t miss my sale because there’s going to be some good stuff.’”

Driml started his collection 25 years ago when he received a basic service of four porcelain Lenox Holiday china. From there he started collecting other various pieces.

“I think the whole era of sitting down to a nice dinner is fading away. If I’m going to go to all the work to make a really nice dinner I want to make it look nice,” said Driml, who owns The Go To Guys Home Services LLC, a small construction business.

He has five different sets of Christmas china. Although he hasn’t hosted Christmas dinner in years, every year he religiously decorates his dining room table with six place settings for the holiday.

With a few simple pieces and a small budget, Driml said anyone can decorate an elaborate table for the holidays.

“I’ll set it completely for Christmas just because I figure I have the stuff, I should get it out. I just set it to look like Christmas dinner.”

The remainder of his collection — chargers, knife rests, individual salt and pepper shakers, butter domes, individual cruettes, matching napkin rings and table linens — is a hodge-podge of both modest and elaborate pieces that comes from a number of places including Bloomingdale’s in New York, Target, Hobby Lobby and thrift stores.

“I have drawers full of napkins. I have drawers full of napkin rings. I recently found 12 plates and serving platter, I think it was 20 pieces, for $4,” he said. “And I went online, and the platter alone sells for $70.”

When he isn’t entertaining Driml uses a plain white set of dinnerware for himself, and forgoes the dining room table to eat in front of the TV instead.

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