The World Theatre is a special part of our community in so many ways. As a volunteer, I have collected many favorite moments during the past six years from the unique vantage point behind the concession counter.

It’s most exciting to hear patrons say, “Is that all?” Yes, our prices are reasonable as we are a volunteer-run organization. Where else can you go to see a $5 movie and soda or popcorn for $1, $2 or $3? We’re also delighted to be able to sell beer and wine, which is enjoyed by many patrons.

I get to see excited families come to enjoy our free movies on the side of the building at dusk once a month during Kearney’s summer night markets. It’s heartwarming to see families of seven with kids in pajamas, chairs and blankets attend, as well as another family of five with a child in a wheelchair.

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I got to witness The World Theatre come to the rescue last fall when weather spoiled the Sounds of Summer at MONA. Within hours, The World and its volunteers welcomed the Flatwater Jazz Orchestra. It was a fantastic sound in our venue from 16 of our area’s finest musicians.

There is nothing like hosting 200 school students so thrilled to watch a movie of a book they read in class. Students get a free small popcorn and drink.

Candy can be purchased. One child gave me a $1 bill folded about 10 times for the $2 box of candy. Of course, on that day that particular box of candy was just $1. That’s the heart of The World Theatre!

We have many volunteers who help keep The World spinning, but my favorite group is the high school students working to obtain community service hours for their classes. We visit with them about their goals and aspirations, what they’re reading and their lives as students.

I’ve learned about majors of these young adults that weren’t offered 40 years ago. Who knew there was a degree in planetary geology?

We also are fortunate to have Bryce Jensen as the executive director and Steve Jensen as the house manager. Both guide all the volunteers and make every day fun.

From behind the counter, I get to see the many ways The World Theatre brings joy to patrons and volunteers of all ages. Perhaps the best thing to see is how the community comes together night after night to make lasting family memories.

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