KEARNEY — A Kearney man is accused of sexually assaulting a disabled woman.

Jeremy S. Mashak, 36, is charged in Buffalo County Court with first-degree sexual assault and abuse of a vulnerable adult, both felonies, on Jan. 27 in Kearney. The charge alleges penetration.

Court records outline the case against him:

In January, a disabled woman reported to the Kearney Police Department she was sexually assaulted. The alleged victim said around 2:33 a.m. Jan. 27 Mashak allegedly messaged her wanting to bring a friend over to her house.

When he arrived Mashak allegedly said his friend was in the car, but was nervous and didn’t want to show her his face. Mashak allegedly told the woman she needed to be blindfolded, and put a stocking hat over her head and face.

The woman told police the friend was allegedly brought inside the house, although he didn’t speak. Mashak told the alleged victim his friend had a “high sex drive,” and he allegedly told the woman and his friend to go into her bedroom while Mashak stayed in the living room.

The alleged victim told Kearney police a man made her perform oral sex on him and he ejaculated on her.

The following morning the alleged victim saw Mashak walk into her bathroom, and he told her not to say anything to anyone, records say.

Records are unclear if there was ever a third person in the alleged victim’s house.

Police collected DNA samples from the alleged victim and Mashak, which were sent to the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab in Lincoln.

Mashak was arrested Wednesday, and late Friday remained at the Buffalo County on a $35,000 warrant. He is scheduled to appear in court later this month.