WASHINGTON — A Kearney man has admitted to distributing child pornography.

Pete Conan Blumenthal, 38, of Kearney pleaded guilty to the charge in August in U.S. Federal District Court in the District of Columbia. Sentencing was scheduled for October, however, the hearing was postponed, according to court records, and another hearing date hasn’t been set.

It’s unclear if Blumenthal is incarcerated.

He originally was arrested in November 2018 in Kearney and later was transported to Washington.

Federal court records outline the case against Blumenthal:

On Nov. 6, an undercover Washington, D.C., officer working with the Child Exploitation Task Force was posing as someone else posting numerous online messages on a social media forum where users discuss and trade child pornography. The online chat site allows users to socialize free with others.

Using search words, the service randomly pairs users in one-on-one chat sessions where they may chat anonymously. The undercover officer sent a message to several users and was contacted by an individual with the user name “badchicken33” with the display name of Pete Blumenthal.

The FBI obtained the online subscriber identification and confirmed Blumenthal as the user through his IP address.

The undercover officer and Blumenthal began a private chat conversation.

During the course of the conversation, Blumenthal sent a non-pornographic image of a girl and boy to the undercover officer, and another image of a girl. During a conversation Blumenthal asked the undercover officer if he was a “cop” and if he was going to turn him in.

“Youre (sic) not a cop right? Or any kind of agent??” Blumenthal wrote.

The undercover officer replied, “Hell no. Perv here.”

Blumenthal sent the undercover officer several images depicting a clothed girl wearing tight clothing, naked girls exposing their private parts, and a girl involved in oral sex with a male. Blumenthal told the officer that most of the images he had found browsing the dark web.

The conversation with the undercover officer continued Nov. 7. A federal warrant then was issued for Blumenthal.