GeneXpert System

Microbiology Specialist Lora Chandler holds a Cepheid cartridge that will run a real-time lab test on the machine pictured behind Chandler. The machine, called a ” GeneXpert®, is capable of running up to 16 lab tests at one time.

KEARNEY — Patients at Kearney Regional Medical Center may get test results for Flu A, Flu B, RSV, Strep A and a growing list of infections in as little as five minutes.

The tests are run on a new molecular diagnostics instrument called the GeneXpert System.

By providing accurate test results quickly, the GeneXpert System allows KRMC and Platte Valley Medical Group physicians to get patients on the right course of treatment quickly.

“Patients will not only get treated faster, but fewer patients will be put into isolation rooms unnecessarily,” said Corlis Kozera, lab manager at KRMC.

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Manufactured by Cepheid, the GeneXpert System is capable of testing for a variety of health care-associated infections, sexual health diseases and critical infectious diseases.

By automating complex and time-consuming manual procedures, the GeneXpert System allows institutions of any size to perform sophisticated genetic testing for organisms and genetic-based diseases.

It makes advanced testing technology available inside physician offices and clinics and can run multiple tests at the same time.