Friday Weather

LEXINGTON — The seasonably mild winter the area has experienced up to this point will end, with changes coming on Friday and the temperatures trending downward from there.

The first measurable snow chances of 2020 look to arrive Friday during the day or evening period. At the moment the National Weather Service Hastings is called for one to three inches across the area, but uncertainly is still high with this system and local amounts are bound to differ.

The entire NWS Hastings warning area is likely to see some snow accumulation at this point, Dawson County looks to hover between one to two inches, while Gosper will likely see higher amounts, with the heavier snow bands in the south.

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Not only will there be more snow accumulation chances, but the temperatures are finally going to drop after Friday, the area has experience two months of mild temperatures, but the true winter weather looks to finally hit the area and may stay in place for quite some time, according to NWS.

Friday looks like it could be 20 degrees colder than Thursday, with highs only in the low 20s. Next week looks to be mired in colder temperatures, the highs may only been in the teens next Wednesday.

Keep an eye on the forecast as Friday gets closer, as the weather picture should become clearer. Plan accordingly for snow and bitter cold temperatures moving forward.