KEARNEY — Kearney law enforcement authorities are warning the public about a scam threatening arrest for missing jury duty if callers don’t provide their debit card information.

Law enforcement officials sent a BuffaloWatch alert Tuesday morning saying police have received reports of a scam where the caller says they’re with the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office or Kearney Police Department and that they are working on a warrant for the person’s arrest because they missed jury duty.

The caller threatens in order to avoid being arrested the person must appear at the Law Enforcement Center. People are then told to not hang up or call anyone else.

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While the person is enroute to the Law Enforcement Center the caller says they need to pay a set amount in Greendot Money-Pak cards. The caller then redirects the person to the courthouse to report to the jury duty room.

While headed to the courthouse the caller says a warrant is about to be signed and that they need the person’s debit card information.

The call is a scam, law enforcement says.

If anyone receives a call like this they are asked to hang up, and not give the caller any of their personal or bank account information, and to call the Buffalo County Sheriff’s Office at 308-236-8555 or the Kearney Police Department at 308-237-2104.