Trying to fight water with water, Wood River Fire Department members and volunteers pump water into a long silage bag along Cottonwood Street near the overpass on the west end of the city as floodwaters continue to move eastward Wednesday after heavy rains caused large-scale flooding in Kearney on Tuesday morning. Once filled, the hope is that flood water can be diverted south across and under Highway 30, lessening the damage north of the highway where most of the buildings are. In March's flooding, this is where much of the water turned north into the city. (Independent/Barrett Stinson)

WOOD RIVER — The American Red Cross opened a shelter at Wood River Rural High School late Wednesday afternoon in response to area flooding.

A shelter that opened at Lexington High School earlier this week remains open.

People displaced from their houses may come to a shelter. Red Cross volunteers will provide a safe place to stay, hot meals and referrals to community services.

Bring the following to the shelter for each family member:

- Prescriptions and emergency medications;

- Foods to meet any unusual dietary requirements;

- Identification to show residence in the affected area and other important personal documents;

- Extra clothing, pillows, blankets and hygiene supplies;

- Supplies needed for children, infants, or elderly or disabled family members.

The free Red Cross emergency app for shelter information and access to flood-related resources is available at redcross.org/apps.