KEARNEY — A man has come forward as the “suspicious subject” near Harmon Park Monday morning, and says he only wanted to see if the girl needed help.

Around 8:30 a.m. Monday, officers received a report of a suspicious male subject driving a black car in the area of Harmon Park. A 14-year-old girl reported that as she was walking, a male subject in a black four-door car with tinted windows stopped to ask if she was OK and if she wanted a ride.

He also asked the girl if she needed any money. KPD said the girl reported to officers that the male drove away as two women walked by. Although, the women were never located so they could be interviewed.

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The teen described the male subject as being a white male, 5-foot-11 tall, approximately 145 pounds, with very short hair or shaved head, with blue eyes, and wearing a gray and white pullover style shirt.

The man went to the Law Enforcement Center Tuesday night identifying himself as the “suspicious subject.” The man was interviewed, a news release said, and admitted to speaking to the girl because she appeared to need help.

Police determined there were no indications that any type of abduction or enticement was attempted, said the release.