UNK enrollment

University of Nebraska at Kearney’s enrollment of 6,279 includes students from 92 of 93 Nebraska counties, 48 states and 59 countries. 

KEARNEY – Official enrollment figures released today at University of Nebraska at Kearney reflect a 48-person decrease (0.8 percent) in students, with a total “head count” of 6,279. This compares to 6,327 in fall 2018.

UNK’s graduate student number is up .4 percent (7 students) in fall 2019 over fall 2018, and full-time transfer undergraduate students are up 41 students (18.2 percent) to 266.

These numbers are reported to the University of Nebraska Board of Regents on official “census” day, or the sixth day of class, recorded on Sept. 3.

Total UNK international student numbers decreased 48 students to 449. The total undergraduate number is down 1.2 percent (55 students), and first-time, full-time freshmen declined 10.1 percent to 844 (from 939).

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The College of Arts and Sciences increased by 3.8 percent (92 students), with the largest growth programs being art and art history, general studies, health science, psychology and social work. The College of Business and Technology increased six students (0.6 percent), with Industrial Technology programs growing by 19 students. The College of Education decreased 1.8 percent (38 students), with increases in departments of Counseling and School Psychology and Communication Disorders.

Other data of note in UNK’s enrollment:

- UNK students come from 92 of 93 Nebraska counties.

- Countries represented: 59. Increases were reported from Cuba, El Salvador, Germany, Zimbabwe and Taiwan. The largest-drawing countries are Japan (142), China (59) and South Korea (43).

- States represented: 48. UNK has no students from Vermont or Rhode Island.

- Students are enrolled for a total 67,799 credit hours.

- The number of undergraduate students taking all of their credit hours via distance increased by 111 students (29.5 percent) to 487.

A new Pathway program between Central Community College and UNK has six students co-enrolled this fall at both institutions, and the Colorado-Kansas Advantage program where students from these two states pay Nebraska tuition rate brought in 12 new students.

“In light of the enrollment challenges being faced by regional public universities across the country, these fall enrollment numbers give some evidence that our strategic investments are working,” said Kelly Bartling, Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Marketing. “We are working hard to implement actions that will position UNK as both the best value and student experience in the region with proof of student success.”