KEARNEY — For the second time in five months a resident at Kearney’s Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center has been charged with robbing a staff member.

Edward L. Gonzales, 18, was charged Wednesday in Buffalo County Court with felony robbery of a YRTC staffer on April 9 at YRTC, felony escape and third-degree assault, a misdemeanor. He is accused of taking a staffer’s radio and keys in an attempt to escape during an assault at the facility.

Gonzales was arrested Wednesday on a Buffalo County warrant. Judge John Rademacher set his bond at $100,000.

Court records outline the case against him:

Around 10:15 p.m. April 9 the staffer was checking rooms in the Dickson Behavior Stabilization unit at YRTC when he was attacked by Gonzales and a 17-year-old male teen. The juvenile walked up to the staff and punched him in the left cheek and upper lip, then grabbed the man’s neck and face, covering his mouth with his hand to prevent him from yelling for help.

Gonzales is accused of taking the man’s radio off his belt and throwing it, then taking door keys from the staffer’s pocket so he could release another YRTC teen from his room, then unlock an exit door.

Gonzales and three other teens escaped north from the Dickson unit. The staffer’s keys later were located near a north exit door.

The staffer then drove himself to a Kearney hospital where he was treated for his injuries. The teens were all later apprehended and returned to YRTC.

Charges haven’t been filed against the 17-year-old male teen who assaulted the staffer.

In February, Gonzales and Luke Taylor Cuello, 17, both were charged as adults in county court with felony first-degree assault and robbery of a staffer on Feb. 24 at YRTC, and escape from the facility. Cuello also is charged with felony strangulation resulting in serious injury.

The duo fled from YRTC on Feb. 24 after the alleged incident with the staffer.

Their cases are pending in Buffalo County District Court. Both Gonzales and Cuello have denied the charges.

Cuello was returned to YRTC after being arrested on his charges.