LINCOLN — Spectacular videos and photos of Nebraska’s diverse landscapes, monuments, people and attractions have been captured on video and are available for viewing at Nebraska Tourism’s YouTube Page.

The footage was shot by Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Bill Frakes and Laura Heald of Straw Hat Visuals. Frakes was born and raised in the Nebraska panhandle where his family has lived for five generations. Frakes and his team spent several months traveling the state in 2014 to capture video and photographs that document the beauty of the state and its people.

From filming Husker football tailgating activities to all-night shoots in Toadstool Park, the team crisscrossed the state many times over. As a staff photographer for Sports Illustrated, Frakes specializes in taking striking athletic photos for the pages of the magazine but also works for clients like Apple, Nikon and Mars Inc.

“Bill approached Nebraska Tourism with the idea of The Nebraska Project in early 2014. We partnered with him on the project because of his passion for the state and its people. He understands Nebraskan’s because he grew up here. Having traveled all over the world, he still clearly loves Nebraska and thinks it’s a special place. I think that comes across in the work," said Kathy McKillip, director of the Nebraska Tourism Commission.

Bill Frakes said, “I’ve wanted to do this project for a long time, so I was happy when the opportunity to partner with the Nebraska Tourism Commission provided me with the support needed to follow my heart. My goal was to make true documentary film series about my birth state. This is my work, it's my vision and I appreciate being allowed to present it as I saw it. I hope that the people of Nebraska enjoy it and that it helps others see what I see in the state I love.”

Rich Claussen of Bailey Lauerman said, “When we did our brand research survey a year ago it was very evident that what visitors from around the country enjoyed most about Nebraska are the people and the nice moments that they had when they were here. The photos and videos done by Bill are a nice compliment to the Nebraska Tourism position of Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice. They do a beautiful job of capturing what makes Nebraska so unique and special.”

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