Sydney Loofe

Sydney Loofe

LINCOLN — In his latest version of events, a man considered a person of interest in the death of Sydney Loofe said Wednesday night that he, and he alone, was responsible for the 24-year-old Lincoln woman's death.

"I will say I am accountable for it," said Aubrey Trail in a phone call from a federal prison. "The reason for it will all come out (later)."

The call marked at least the fourth time the convicted felon has made public statements about Loofe's death since he was revealed as a person of interest, a week before her body was found on Dec. 4 in a marshy area near the central Nebraska farm town of Edgar.

Trail and his girlfriend, Bailey Boswell, posted video messages on social media saying that they were not involved. Then, in phone call to a World-Herald reporter on Jan. 3, after being jailed on a federal theft charge, Trail said he had information about Loofe's death but that "doesn't necessarily mean you're guilty."

On Wednesday night, he left nothing to doubt.

"I've told law enforcement a long time ago ... I am accountable for Sydney Loofe's death, I am responsible," Trail said. "The girl (Boswell) had nothing to do with it."

The phone call came as Trail, 51, prepared to appear in U.S. District Court in Lincoln on Thursday via a video hookup to enter a plea to multiple charges that he and Boswell had defrauded a Kansas couple out of $400,000 in a scheme to buy gold coins.

Boswell, 23, pleaded not guilty to the charges on Monday.

Neither Trail or Boswell have been charged in connection with the death of Loofe, who disappeared on Nov. 16 after arranging a date with Boswell via the internet. But Trail's attorney, Korey Reiman of Lincoln, has said he expects his client to be charged, and Trail himself has said he expects that both he and Boswell will face charges.

In the phone call Wednesday from a federal holding facility in Leavenworth, Kansas, Trail expressed frustration that no charges have been filed in connection with Loofe's death.

"The FBI has pulled so many hairs out of my head I've got a bald spot," he said.

He refused to say what happened to Loofe, where it happened, or in what condition her body was found. The Tennessee native abruptly ended the short phone call, saying he was running out of money on a prison credit card to pay for it.

"We're fixin' to get into all of that," Trail said.

Reiman, Trail's attorney, declined to comment about the phone call on Wednesday night.

Trail has said that he and Boswell had been together for more than a year, traveling to casinos and selling antiques on the internet and at rented booths in antique malls.

Boswell faces felony charges in Pennsylvania for purchasing antique coins with a $28,000 fraudulent check. Trail, who has been convicted of passing bad checks in the past, also faces a state charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

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