Law enforcement officials in the Fairbury, Nebraska, area have cleared a man they said they thought was involved in a shooting there.

Jefferson County Sheriff Nels L. Sorensen said Justin Lloyd Crenshaw, sometimes known as "Crash," was misidentified as a suspect. A warrant seeking his arrest has been dropped, Sorensen said.

Instead, a man and woman were taken into custody Sunday afternoon in Fairbury.

The investigation continues.

Sorensen said officials are investigating a tip about a shooting at Crystal Springs Park in Fairbury. The tipster provided possible identities of suspects and a description of a vehicle involved. The vehicle was found over the weekend, and the 23-year-old Nebraska driver was arrested on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance. Evidence and a crime scene have also been located.

Authorities think that the victim was fatally wounded, but a body has not been found, Sorensen said.

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