Baby boom

Seven babies were born within 48 hours at York General; nine within the week of October 27. The bevy of babies in such a short time is the largest in recent memory at York General.

YORK — It was an unprecedented week at York General Hospital; nine babies were welcomed into the world – seven within 48 hours.

Four girls and five boys occupied the hospital’s OB department. The department ran out of bassinettes; fortunately the medical surgery department had one to loan out, said Nancy Hengelfelt, York General OB Director. Rooms for moms and their newborns was an issue. “We had to move some moms to some equally nice rooms down the hall,” Hengelfelt said.

York General’s entire OB department chipped in to handle the bevy of babies. “I think every doctor had a delivery last week,” Hengelfelt said. “People came in and worked extra hours. We called in and said there was a baby boom.” Hengelfelt also noted the hard work of the environmental service staff, who helped keep the hospital’s three labor rooms ready. “Sometimes we only had one hour to get the rooms ready,” Hengelfelt said. “Everybody did a really good job – I didn’t hear anyone complain.”

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One staff member put in a special kind of overtime; an OB department nurse was mom to baby number seven. She had helped with the deliveries of the previous six babies.

The families of the nine babies birthed at York General that week came from area communities like McCool, Seward, Bruning, Bradshaw and – of course – York. “I really appreciate the fact that people trust us to deliver their babies,” Hengelfelt said.

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