Aubrey Trail

Aubrey Trail

WILBER — An FBI agent testified Monday that the morning before Bailey Boswell picked up Sydney Loofe for a date arranged via Tinder, Boswell told another woman that “she would be busy for the next couple of days.”

Loofe never came home from that date, and prosecutors maintain that Boswell and her boyfriend, Aubrey Trail, killed and dismembered Loofe's body later that night, Nov. 15, 2017, or early the next morning.

The message sent by Boswell, according to FBI Agent Mike Maseth, was sent at the same time she and Trail were seen inside a Lincoln Home Depot store buying tools that could be used to dismember a body.

Monday marked the beginning of the fourth week in the trial of Trail, 52, who is accused of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder in the slaying of Loofe, a 24-year-old cashier at Menards in Lincoln.

Boswell, his 25-year-old girlfriend, also is charged in Loofe's death. Boswell and Trail face the death penalty if found guilty.

Trail and his defense attorneys maintain that Loofe died accidentally during the filming of a sexual fantasy that involved choking. Loofe, they claim, willingly agreed to participate in exchange for $5,000.

But prosecutors tell a much darker tale — that Trail and Boswell had a harem of “witches” that joined them in group sex and stealing antiques, and to truly become a witch meant you had to kill someone.

Maseth, the FBI agent, testified Friday that Loofe sent a Tinder message to Boswell double-checking that their date would involve only them and not someone else.

On Monday, Maseth testified about another Tinder message Boswell sent to a third woman she had been dating on Nov. 15, 2017, indicating that she would be busy the next few days.

Maseth said the message — sent only hours before Boswell picked up Loofe at her Lincoln duplex — was sent at about the same time she and Trail were seen buying tools that could be used to dismember a body.

Trail, who slashed his neck in court two weeks ago, opted to not attend court proceedings again Monday.