The Nebraska Medical Association issued a statewide call to businesses Wednesday requesting donations of medical supplies to meet the needs of the state’s physician clinics and hospitals.

The organization, which represents nearly 3,000 physicians, residents and medical students, is seeking bulk supplies of equipment such as surgical masks, N95 masks, eye protection, medical grade disposable gloves and scrubs.

Amy Reynoldson, the group’s executive vice president, said production of such supplies is ramping up across the country, although it’s not yet clear when those will arrive. Supply drives by some health systems also have brought in donations.

But small physician clinics and hospitals are running short.

“We know there are people who can probably help us bridge the gap,” she said.

Businesses that may have access to such supplies include dental clinics, tattoo parlors, nail salons, manufacturing companies and construction firms. The organization is not seeking handmade masks at this time.

Those who have such supplies are asked to contact their local physician clinic or hospital to make arrangements to drop off supplies.