NORTH PLATTE — High school students across the state are showing support for Gretna students and parents with photographs and Facebook posts.

On Monday, North Platte High School students involved in the summer weightlifting program got together to do the same.

“I give a lot of credit to Theresa Davis, one of our football parents, who emailed me and asked if maybe we could make this happen,” said NPHS head football coach Todd Rice. “So we coordinated and said we’re going to do this Monday morning between the guys’ and girls’ lifting sessions.

“That way we had a pretty nice group representing.”

Rice said a lot of the kids were talking last week when the accident happened and were aware of it.

“We just talked about anything we could do as a sign of support,” Rice said.

The group was a mix of high school boys and girls.

“The kids just expressed what a tragedy it was, and with the size of the town it is, they know with the town that size everybody had some connection with those students and their parents,” Rice said. “Our kids, being empathetic and having compassion, we’re in here trying to work and get after it, but we realize the important things in life too.”

He said it is important to continue to have conversation with the kids about tragedies like this.

“Sometimes we take things for granted and then all of a sudden something can happen,” Rice said.

Davis wrote in an email to The Telegraph, “I saw where other schools had done it and even though NPHS doesn’t play Gretna we play Lincoln and Omaha schools. I felt it was important not only for support, but good sportsmanship. Our students at NPHS understand loss too. It’s important for them to support others their age.”