Omaha family, Army captain in Japan share a Christmas dinner via video

The Teleflora ad shows Army Capt. Jennifer Bromm, her husband and her baby in Japan as they eat with their family in Omaha.

A soldier from Omaha serving abroad got a special surprise this holiday season as part of an ad campaign.

U.S. Army Capt. Jennifer Bromm lives in Japan, where she has served as chief of military justice for a year and a half. Before that, she served in Germany for three years and in South Korea for a year and a half.

Being away at Christmastime has started to become the norm for the Bromm family. But after having their first child, Bromm and her husband, Jason, hoped to spend the baby’s first Christmas with their Omaha family.

Flower delivery company Teleflora offered to make that wish come true and film it for an ad.

A film crew brought her mom’s Christmas plates, Jennifer’s Christmas stocking and a giant video screen to Japan. A table jutting against the screen was decorated the same way in Omaha and in Tokyo, and the whole family shared a Christmas meal through video.

“When I saw the screen, I kind of blacked out, I think,” Bromm says in the ad. “Oh my God, are those cheesy potatoes? That’s awesome.”

The video, posted Tuesday, has more than 1 million views on YouTube. It includes snapshots of Bromm smiling, crying and laughing, a shot of her baby giggling at her far-away family and a scene in which her father makes a toast.

“Let us raise our glasses to one united family,” he says in the ad, “even though we are many thousands of miles away.”

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