WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer said Monday that recent drone sightings could be attributed to hobbyists flying their drones or manned aircraft. Today she added that other reported sightings could have been people observing stars or planets, based on information from the Nebraska State Patrol.

"In recent weeks, reported drone sightings have significantly diminished," Fischer said in a press release Monday. "We also now know that more than half of the reports from Nebraskans to state law enforcement were attributed to causes such as hobbyists or manned aircraft. The Nebraska State Patrol continues to pass on any relevant information to the FAA for their review."

As of Monday, the Nebraska State Patrol reported receiving almost 440 reports, but the majority failed to meet the criteria of drone sightings in question, according to Fischer. NSP has forwarded the remaining reports to the Federal Aviation Administration. On the ground investigations have largely drawn down, including the Drone Sightings Task Force, she said.

Fischer is a member of the Senate Commerce Committee, which has jurisdiction over the FAA.

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