Dustin Bilbrey

Dustin Bilbrey

YORK – Thursday afternoon, shortly before 2 p.m., York County Sheriff Paul Vrkba reported to the York News-Times that a stolen vehicle – thought to have been taken and driven by a fugitive wanted in Kansas – was recovered a few miles west of York.

Sheriff Paul Vrbka said the driver of the stolen vehicle is thought to have been Dustin Bilbrey, 36, who is wanted as a suspect in a robbery in Kansas.

“We recovered the vehicle about an hour ago, just a couple of miles west of York,” Lt. Vrbka said Thursday afternoon. “If anyone sees a white male, 6 foot 3, 180 pounds, wearing a red ball cap, blue jeans and a grey T-shirt, walking around, they need to call 911 immediately.”

As of 2 p.m., Thursday, Lt. Vrbka said his office has not received any reports of another stolen vehicle from the York area – which means Bilbrey could still be on foot.

“And it is entirely possible that someone picked him up and gave him a ride, or he took another vehicle and the owners don’t know it yet,” Lt. Vrbka said. “And he could be long gone and far away already. I just want everyone to keep their eyes open and be careful and report to us any strange person or people they may see on foot in the York area.”

Early Thursday morning, Hall County authorities issued an alert regarding two possibly armed people that were attempting to elude police – the alert said the suspects were Dustin Bilbrey and Rebecca Humphrey. A search was conducted by Doniphan which was later called off.

Information provided by law enforcement in Salina, Kan., says that on May 18, “Saline County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to The Shady Lady, 1540 W. Old Hwy 40, after a man allegedly had his wallet stolen around 1:15 AM. A 57-year-old man from Tryon Nebraska was inside the establishment and went out to his vehicle to get more money. He reported two men approached him from behind and took his wallet from his pocket. The 57-year-old followed the two over to their vehicle, reached through the window and grabbed the steering wheel in attempt to keep them from leaving. The passenger got out a gun and threatened the man. The victim reported the two left in a dark colored car. The total loss includes $20 in cash, the wallet, and other assorted contents of the wallet.

“On May 18, 2019, Officers of the Salina Police Department were dispatched to the Pilot Travel Center, at 1944 N. Ninth around 6:00 AM. A 48-year-old man from Missouri was walking back to his semi-truck when he felt someone reach for his wallet. The man described the subject as a 6′ white male, approximately 160 lbs, and armed with with a handgun. He demanded money from the truck driver who gave him the $900 he had with him. A female exited a nearby vehicle and also made a comment about the money.

“The couple got into a blue 2002 Ford Taurus headed northbound on 9th St. The vehicle was later found burned and abandoned on a rural Saline County road.Officers contacted the registered owner of the vehicle, who lives in Ford County who advised he had lent the car to Dustin Bilbrey.”

Lt. Vrbka says items found in the abandoned vehicle near York were connected to being in the possession of Bilbrey.

If anyone sees a man matching Bilbrey’s description, they are asked to call 911.

They are also asked to watch for a woman – said to be Humphrey, who is a white female approximately five feet five inches tall, weighing about 150 pounds.

Area residents are also asked to make sure they remove their keys from their vehicles and not make contact with these people if they see them.

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